Baby Watch 2016

My friend Ashley joked that I should share our announcement with this blog post title.  Of course she said this back in February and I was SURE that I would blog before announcing the news to the world…

Well here we are on April 4th, and I’ve finally got around to blogging!  Obviously, we’ve been very busy with our biggest DIY to date ~ a little baby who is scheduled to arrive near the end of September.


We have a few other things happening around the house, although our overall progress is significantly slowed down by my need for near constant napping throughout the weekend. I’ll share some progress as we get things settled & now that I’m starting to get some energy back.


Penelope looked profoundly sad in all the pictures we made her take with the baby book we got.  Based on these pictures we joke that if she could talk she would tell us that she didn’t ask for a baby brother or sister! Overall though she seems to be taking it well, and likes to nap on me the minute I mention the words nap and/or blanket.




Penelope Poodle Turns 3

On Saturday, Penelope Poodle turned 3. We thought it would be fun to spoil her and stage a little photo shoot. She got a cute new sweater from her grandparents, and a couple of toys from us.  She did NOT count the balloon or the party hat as gifts.  Oh and we also gave her some broccoli (her favorite food) with her dinner.
Penelope Poodle Turns 3 - Official Birthday Picture - #thissarahloves
Something tells me she was only barely tolerating this torture.  Not that different from any three year old, I think.Penelope Poodle Turns 3 - Official Birthday Picture 2
And this is probably my favorite outtake! Just look at that look she’s giving Andy. Penelope Poodle Turns 3 - If Looks Could Kill - #thissarahloves

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Snow Day(s)!

What did you do this week?  Here’s how Penelope spent her snow days.

Working from home (with a heated blanket).

Working from home  #penelopepoodle #thissarahloves

Watching the neighborhood kids play in the snow.

Watching the Snow #thissarahloves

Inspecting the fluffiness of the snow.

Walking in the Snow #penelopepoodle #thissarahloves

Hoping the sun will bring some warmth.

Sun Shine #thissarahloves

Defrosting in the sun.

Sunning #penelopepoodle #thissarahloves

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Photo of the Week: Penelope Sleeps In

If you follow me on Instagram {thissarahloves} you’ve already seen these, but they were too cute not to share with everyone! Penelope refused to get out of bed when we were making it on Monday morning, so we made it around her & she popped up over the burlap scatter cushion.  Luckily my phone was lying on my nightstand, so a photo shoot ensued.

Penelope Sleeps In - Teddy Bear Imitation Penelope Sleeps In - Yawn

Yup, I’m 100% sure she knows how adorable she is…

Heart Sarah

Photo of the Week: Penny with Mr. Monkey

Somebody got a Valentines day toy from the Target after Valentines day clearance sale.  Meet Mr. Monkey.  He crinkles and has a squeaker  which is apparently the perfect combination as far as Penny is concerned.  He’s also holding up well – despite being stepped on while his ears / legs / arms are being stretched away from his body.  Not bad for $1.49!
Penny and Mr Monkey Polaroid