Hosta Watch 2015

Hosta Watch 2015 #thissarahloves #growgardengrow

Just dropping by to show off our front garden’s insane growth over the last six weeks. It’s hard to believe that it was covered under multiple inches of snow until just a few months ago! We inherited all of the large hostas with the house and added 2 small ones of different varieties. The crepe myrtle (aka Pride of India) is very late to the party again this year, but it’s finally starting to fill out.  Oh and we replaced the pokey shrubs under the windows with some gorgeous holly I found at Costco for a steal.


Venturing into Urban Gardening

Basil! Radishes! I can’t believe Andy’s gardening adventure is already paying off.



Oh, I guess I should tell you how we got here.  With the lack of blogging and all it was probably to miss that we built a veggie garden (although I did post about it on Instagram {ThisSarahLoves} – you should follow me there for little in-progress project snippets).

We meant to build a raised garden bed last summer, but never got around to it. We saw a DIY vinyl kit at Costco a while back, and almost bought it, until we realized that 4’x8′ was WAY too big for our backyard. Instead, we found this 4’x4′ cedar kit at Home Depot. We added organic dirt, and grabbed a bunch of seedlings and some seed packets to fill it.

The kit was SUPER easy to put together. In the time it took me to run to the car and back (to grab the weed barrier pins) my dad and Andy built pretty much the entire thing!

Backyard - Garden Bed Build

We filled the bed with organic raised planter bed dirt (we just found it at Home Depot) and used twine and a staple gun to divide the garden into 16 square feet. Next, with Penelope’s help  we planted our seedlings and seeds. We bought a selection of herbs and veggies. (The unlabeled one, is bee balm, to help attract bees and butterflies to our garden).



It looked a little sparse when we first planted everything, but we probably should’ve been a little more careful about the size some of these would get! The poor lavender in the back corner is being a little over-shadowed by the Zucchini, and two dill plants were probably one too many.  Oh and we realized we don’t really like basil all that much…


Here we are one month in! Can you believe how much everything has grown?! The carrots stand a chance now that we pulled out the crop of radishes in the front-center part of the bed. The basil also looks a bit healthier after a trim.  Oh and the rosemary got a bit of a haircut too to help season the leg of lamb we had this evening.

Can you believe this is where we started about 18 months ago? Shrubs, shrubs, and more shrubs!

Backyard - Before


A Usable Backyard (Finally!)

Bet you didn’t expect to hear anything from me any time soon! It’s been so quiet here at This Sarah Loves.  Luckily, that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been doing anything around the house – in fact I’m really far behind in updating you on all the happenings around here. Today I want to show off how great our backyard looks.  After 18 months of barely using our backyard, we have a gorgeous, fenced in, yard!

Backyard - BeforeBackyard After

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Grow Garden Grow

Happy Memorial Day! We spent some time in the garden on Saturday (the coolest day of our weekend) and I’ve got to show off all we’ve done.

We are officially no longer “those” people on the block! Our front yard has come back to life nicely and with a little elbow grease and the help of my parents and cousins, we’ve making it look a bit more purposeful.
Front Yard - Hostas

This weekend we transplanted some periwinkle (vinca minor) from the back yard where they had taken over a strange little bed next to the back door. We divided them into clumps and tried to fill in the empty spots in the front yard.

Front Yard - Vinca

Vinca’s supposed to be very hardy and I’ve been told that while daffodils and tulips can grow through them, weeds will have a harder time. So anything to lessen weeds, the better! The hope is that they’ll spread and cover most of the mulched areas.

Front Yard with Pride of India

We planted the hostas to line the bed next to the path, but at the rate they’re growing I think next season we’ll have to divide some of them out and plant them along the front path as well!

Front Yard - Filling In

And here’s a close-up of the gorgeous bearded Iris that’s Front Yard - Bearded Iris

Hope you got to spend some quality time with your loved ones this weekend.

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