A Usable Backyard (Finally!)

Bet you didn’t expect to hear anything from me any time soon! It’s been so quiet here at This Sarah Loves.  Luckily, that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been doing anything around the house – in fact I’m really far behind in updating you on all the happenings around here. Today I want to show off how great our backyard looks.  After 18 months of barely using our backyard, we have a gorgeous, fenced in, yard!

Backyard - BeforeBackyard After

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Little Update: Leash Hooks

We (like most of you) make regular little updates around the house. Sometimes I feel like we’re not making enough progress on the big things, so every few weeks I plan on sharing some of the little updates that make our lives easier. Hopefully it will both serve to inspire you to get the little things done AND serve as a record of what we did manage to get do around the house.


Last weekend I added these hooks be hind the front door. We had some command hooks in the coat closet for Penny’s leashes / harnesses / jackets, but it was a pain to always shove our heads in there to get them out.

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Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

Finally, a post that’s NOT about sewing! Aren’t you excited?! Ever since we assembled the Karlstad, we knew we needed a new coffee table. A couple of weeks ago we sold the coffee table on Craigslist to give us the kick in the pants we needed to figure it out. And here she is!

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Rag Quilt: Big Eyed Owls


I feel like this rag quilt allowed me to step out of my comfort zone a little. I love the combination of the fun and whimsical owl print with the floral teal. I paired it with purple gingham and a light blue dot to ensure that the colors still seemed baby appropriate. Here you can see how the teal and the blue match with the owls. I like that this quilt is clearly girly without much pink.


Look at these cute giant owl eyes!  This fabric also frayed really well and made the pretty rag edges after just a single wash.SONY DSC SONY DSC


I hope the mom-to-be loves this quilt as much as I do!  Here it is ready to go to their house. (Just needs a giant bow!)



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Rag Quilt: Blue Birdies

This is the other blanket we’re making for the twin baby girls. I wanted fabric that had a similar feel, without being a complete copy of the Spring Kittens blanket.


Even though I LOVE the completed blanket, when I look at the cut fabric, that blue is too much for me!  What do you think?

Rag Quilt - Blue Birds - Fabric Combinations

This is all the fabric you’ll need for a blanket. We use 18 big blocks, 17 long blocks, and 34 (2×17) small blocks. We cut squares back to back so there’s fabric on each side. One side looks just like a regular patchwork blanket, while the other has the “rag” effect since we snip the seems to help them fray.SONY DSC

I just love all the shades of pink in this little bird fabric. I know chevron is so 2013 (2012?) in home decor trends, but I think it’s such a fun pattern to include in the baby blankets. Here’s  a close-up of those chubby little birdies!  that front facing blue one is my favorite!

SONY DSCAnd here it is ready to be tied with a pretty bow for twin #2 (or #1) – I’m not telling the parents which blanket needs to go to which baby.SONY DSC


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Favorite Finds: Coffee Tables

Before we even unpacked the Karlstad, we knew we wanted to change our coffee table turned ottoman to match with the new couch and feel of the living room. I’ve been SUPER indecisive. I really want something mid-century since we have to vintage buffet and midcentury chairs in the dining room, and the stereo cabinet turned wine bar in the living room, but then I saw this gorgeous, more industrial round coffee table in a Pottery Barn catalog.


Here are some of the ones I’ve considered.

Coffee Tables1. Ikea Lillbron, 2. Pottery Barn Bartlett, 3. World Market Rustic Skylar 4. Target MCM, 5. World Market Hairpin, 6. Ikea Regissor 7. World Market Aiden, 8. One Kings Lane Nathaniel, 9. Ikea Square Hemnes

After a lot of back and forth and pinning and repinning all of my favorites, we’re taking a completely different path.  Most of these coffee tables were more than what I wanted to pay for a piece of furniture that I’d be putting my feet on every day.  After a little bit of googling, we came up with a different plan: a DIY coffee table with hairpin legs.

I used Retro Renovation’s 9 places to buy hairpin legs to find affordable legs (I went with Hairpinlegs.com – review coming as soon as we receive them) and plan on using this, this, and this table as inspiration.  Our legs should arrive on Monday & hopefully we find some time during the week to go buy wood to make the top. Guess we know what we’re doing next weekend!

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Rag Quilt: Spring Kitten

Normally, I make these rag quilts for friends as baby shower gifts. This blanket (and another that I’ll share on the blog soon) is for a little baby girl and her twin sister. It took me so long to put these together, that we’ll have to count them as first birthday presents!


Here the blanket is after we sewed all the patches into strips. Full disclosure: my mom helped extensively with the getting it-done portion of this rag quilt.


We learned a while ago, that pressing the seams open makes the whole process go a LOT smoother. So now we just set up the iron and ironing board along with the sewing machine and do some pressing in-between. See how mess everything looks before a press & how nice it looks after?  Much easier to stitch together this way.


These kittens are just  my favorite.



And this is what it looks like all folded up and ready to be delivered – all it needs is a big bow!  (And a quilt for the twin sister too!)


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