Vintage Finds

Remember that time when I went to Rough Luxe market and didn’t tell you what I bought? Sorry about that…

So without delay, here’s what I came home with! I found these gorgeous vintage German wine crates. There were three, but I restrained myself and only came home with one. I can’t decide if it will go in the basement. For now it’s hanging out next to the wine bar, because appropriate.



I also fell in LOVE with this vintage pear crate label. Still on a piece of packing crate.  I think it will look REALLY good with the white planked walls in the basement, but I propped it up on the floating shelves above the wine bar and am loving the contrast between the high-gloss white shelves and the vintage wood.


Oh, and after our trip to Rough Luxe, we stopped by Stylish Patina and found these gorgeous metal animal plates.  I think these will look amazing in the kitchen once we paint the walls.


Have you found anything fun when looking for vintage items recently?

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Shopaholic: HomeGoods Shop-a-long

This weekend I went window shopping with my friend Ashley. Okay, okay, we didn’t JUST window shop. I actually got a few things from HomeGoods and a whole cart full of things from Target.  It was fun leaving the men behind and wander from aisle to aisle looking at and picking up everything we liked!  We also managed to snap a few pictures of some fun things we spotted at HomeGoods.  (And just to be clear, I was not paid / perked for this post, we just had some fun window shopping and wanted to share.)

Royal blue tufted dining chairs with nail-head trim. ($129 each)

These almost make me wish that I hadn’t found the metal tub chairs for our dining room this Summer.

Blue Dining Chairs

Blue and White Rug ($299 for 7’6 x 9’6)

I’m liking this one for the living room (for when we finally finish the basement and move the furniture around).

Blue Wool Rug

Wood and Iron Bar Stool ($79 each)

I think these would be a great addition to an all white kitchen.
Wood and Iron Barstool

Church pew bench. ($199)

I would love to have an entry big enough to fit this. It definitely reminds me of my parents’ home.
Church Pew Entry Bench

Wood Side Table/Stool ($69)

I think this would be nice in a spa-like bathroom.

Wood Stool

Cat Wine Cork Container. (Around $10, I think)

This guy was just too cute not to photograph.

Cat Wine Cork Holder

Driftwood Pumpkin ($20)

’tis the Season for Pumpkins! And this one was unique.

Driftwood Pumpkin

Skeleton Side Plates (Set of 4, also around $10)

If we hosted an annual Halloween party, this would be awesome. As it is, we won’t use them enough to justify the storage space.
Halloween Skeleton Side Plate 2Halloween Skeleton Side Plate 1

Owl Mugs ($3.99 each)

These would be fun year-round, but especially in the Fall!

Owl Mugs

Thanksgiving Mugs ($3.99 each)

I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year, so these were especially tempting. Again, storage space wins out & I’ll just find some cute Thanksgiving napkins to brighten up my all white dinner service.

Thanksgiving Mugs

Hope you had fun shopping along! I’ll show off what I actually came home with later this week.

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Foxy Folders for a New Office

Just popping in to share the cute new office supplies I picked up to help cheer up my new desk.

Office Supplies - Foxes on Folders #thissarahloves

Megan of Honey We’re Home instagrammed a picture of the grey and orange fox folder while we were on vacation in California.  I immediately knew that I HAD to have it, but I was worried that it would be sold out / not available when I finally made it to Target.  Luckily for me I found both the grey chevron fox and the teal woodgrain foxes folders with just a little bit of scratching in the back to school bins at our local Target.

Office Supplies - Foxes on Folders - Details #thissarahlovesEven the backs and the insides are gorgeous!  I may or may not have bought two of each folder.  How cute would these look in some simple white frames on the wall?  I also picked up the three pack of numbered notes from the dollar spot bins.

Do you get back to school office supplies to start the new year?

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Mid-Century Modern Footstool

If you follow me on instagram you may have noticed the awesome mid-century modern footstool I scored at the thrift store last Friday!  I stopped by on a whim & couldn’t leave without this guy.  It seemed like a good purchase for $15.  Penny approves too.

Midcentury Modern Footstool with Penelope - ThisSarahLoves

It needed/needs a little TLC though.  The vinyl was filthy, and the legs need to be sanded and re-stained.  The little brass pieces also need some attention – I’m hoping some brasso will do the trick, but perhaps I’ll have to use rub ‘n buff.

Here’s a quick before and after of the vinyl.  Can you believe it?!  YUCK on that before.

Midcentury Modern Footstool - How to Clean Old Vinyl - ThisSarahLoves

My lovely instagram friend Sarah suggested that I try a Mr Clean Magic Eraser to get through the grime.  Seemed like a great idea, so I grabbed one and started scrubbing.  It was working on the solid parts, but do you see that indented “rope” design?  Well I couldn’t get the grime out of the corners on that.  Next I tried watered down Mrs Meyers and a scrub brush.  Nada.  Vinegar and a scrub brush.  Nothing.  Then I remembered that we have this sonic scrubber brush, so I switched to full-strength Mrs Meyers and the sonic brush.  Which worked!  Success!  I then gave it a final scrubbing with some Method Dish Soap and the scrubber brush & then rinse and wipe it all clean.  What a difference.  I mean it turns out the thing is a whole different shade of orange!

Midcentury Modern Footstool Before and After - ThisSarahLoves

We haven’t quite settled on where it will live.  For now it is Penelope’s footstool to get on the bed with.  I like the addition of pops of orange in our bedroom.  I also like the idea of placing it at the front entry for people to use when putting on / taking off their shoes.  Penelope really likes to sit on it and stare out of the slider when it’s in the living room.  Where would you use a footstool like this?

Midcentury Modern Footstool Full View - ThisSarahLoves

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Getting ready for a summer picnic

Andy and I love the wine tasting culture here in VA.  Unlike in California, you don’t “winery hop” and do 3 or 4 tastings in a day.  Instead, many people pack a picnic and spend the whole afternoon at one winery.  We’ve done this twice & love it!  But we realized that we needed some cute picnic supplies for these little excursions.

I had been casually looking around for cute melamine plates, bowls & cups.  A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled on an awesome sale at Target on the cutest plates, cups, and bowls!

Picnic Plates Collage

I grabbed (1) a 4-pack of yellow tumblers (it’s important to drink wine AND water!), (2) a 4-pack of bright yellow bowls for salad, and (4) a 4-pack of fun chevron dinner plates.  I didn’t buy (3) the chevron tablecloth, but it’s such a perfect match that I consider it every time I go to Target!

Now all we need is a cute picnic basket & cooler tote.  I’m loving this rattan picnic basket!

Fingers crossed that the weather plays along and we get to share this fun picnic / wine tasting experience (on our new plates) with my in-laws who are visiting!

Saturday Shopping Success

I didn’t spend a TON of time shopping yesterday, but I found some good stuff!

I couldn’t resist this cute fabric at JoAnns!  (Not that I have a specific project in mind…)

We also made it down to Ikea (finally) where we picked up some small necessities and some lamps. We can finally SEE in our bedroom!   Here’s a peek at what we picked up.

Did you find anything good this weekend?

New Dining Room Chairs!

Well there’s no clever title, so I won’t make you wait. Here they are! My gorgeous new dining room chairs!

As you may know, I’ve added a few thrift store chairs to our home recently.  Chair 1 and chair 2 were intended for the dining room.  Chair 3 (the blue one) is for the guest room.  I figured that for $5 a chair, these would work great until I found the perfect chairs.  Chair #1 is hanging out in a corner in the guest room & Chair #2 is in the entryway.  Chair #3 is still at the desk in the guest room.  This works for now & I’ll figure out if we want to get rid of any of these.

Yesterday, while shopping for new dress shirts for my husband, I made him stop by Home Goods since it’s right there.  I wanted to see if they had Halloween Dog outfits (which they did, and I’ll post more about that in October).  As we were headed for the exit, I spotted these chairs.  I stopped.  I sat in them.  I made him sit in them. (He didn’t make the uncomfortable face – yay!)  I walked away.  I walked back. I called my mom.  I emailed a picture to my mom.  After she had the same reaction of instant love, I loaded four of them in the cart.

This is the picture I snapped in the store. (Yup, that price tag says $129)  And the chairs they reminded me of from West Elm (which retail for $299 each).  Most importantly, they reminded me of a chair (that’s currently in my parents’ house) that was made by a great-great (great?) grandfather of mine.

My husband’s main concern was if I think they’d be an OK match with our black-brown Ikea table.  Luckily for me (and the chairs) the dining table is definitely not my forever table.  But I have a feeling these chairs will stick around for a while!

I’d love to upgrade to a white table at some point.  Look how great the white table looks with the wood chairs here:

And some more pictures of the new & improved dining room.  The fourth chair is currently hanging out in our bedroom.  We really love the functionality of the bench, but I know that when we get a bigger table I’d regret only getting 3 chairs.

Aren’t they beautiful?

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