A New Year’s Mimosa Bar

We celebrated New Year’s Eve with a few friends at our place. We drank mimosas, ate lots of cheese, and played Cards Against Humanity. Oh and we also dressed the dogs up in party hats.

I kept seeing Mimosa bars on Pinterest, and decided it was the perfect thing for New Year’s Eve. I know that mimosas are traditionally a brunch item, but I highly recommend these for your next late-night party. It looks great, everyone has fun mixing their own drinks, and it cuts the amount of alcohol in each glass.



We used three orange juices; regular orange, orange peach mango, and orange strawberry banana (all from Trader Joe’s) and set out black berries and strawberries. (I had meant to also set out clementine wedges, but ran out of time to peel the clementines). As you can see from the picture below, the Orange Peach Mango was by far the most popular juice. I found the carafes at Ross for $3.99 making this an affordable last-minute addition. The tags are wooden gift tags from Michaels – I tied them to each carafe with bakers twine (left over from the tassel garland) and wrote on them with simple black sharpie.  We didn’t end up using the cute paper straws for anything (they’re also from Michaels btw) but I love how they look and will put them away to decorate with / use in the future.SONY DSC


As you know, I also made some party hats and noisemakers. The noisemakers went largely unused (which was for the best as it sent both dogs under the dining table) but both the dogs and the humans liked the party hats. Here’s Penelope and her friend Piper modeling the party hats.



How did you spend New Year’s Eve?  Here’s to a happy and healthy 2015!

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Penelope Poodle Turns 3

On Saturday, Penelope Poodle turned 3. We thought it would be fun to spoil her and stage a little photo shoot. She got a cute new sweater from her grandparents, and a couple of toys from us.  She did NOT count the balloon or the party hat as gifts.  Oh and we also gave her some broccoli (her favorite food) with her dinner.
Penelope Poodle Turns 3 - Official Birthday Picture - #thissarahloves
Something tells me she was only barely tolerating this torture.  Not that different from any three year old, I think.Penelope Poodle Turns 3 - Official Birthday Picture 2
And this is probably my favorite outtake! Just look at that look she’s giving Andy. Penelope Poodle Turns 3 - If Looks Could Kill - #thissarahloves

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Snow Day(s)!

What did you do this week?  Here’s how Penelope spent her snow days.

Working from home (with a heated blanket).

Working from home  #penelopepoodle #thissarahloves

Watching the neighborhood kids play in the snow.

Watching the Snow #thissarahloves

Inspecting the fluffiness of the snow.

Walking in the Snow #penelopepoodle #thissarahloves

Hoping the sun will bring some warmth.

Sun Shine #thissarahloves

Defrosting in the sun.

Sunning #penelopepoodle #thissarahloves

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Losing Penelope

Don’t worry, she’s not lost. BUT it is a pretty funny story.  At least in retrospect.

Penelope  on the Rug #thissarahlovesOne afternoon last week I got home before Andy (a pretty rare event these days).  I was talking to my dad on the phone as I walked into our house.  As usual, I headed straight down the hall to let Penelope out of her crate.  To my shock, when I got to our room the door to her crate was wide open & she was nowhere to be found.  The little magician has managed to unlock her crate before, so the fact that the door was open wasn’t a concern in itself, but usually she meets you at the door, looking very proud of herself!

While I didn’t flat-out panic, I did start searching for her – calling our her name & checking under the beds.  Nothing.  For a split second I had a vision of someone breaking in & stealing her…. Then my mind must have started searching for logical options, and I assumed that our friend (and the property manager) must have come to get her because someone made a noise complaint.  Yup.  At that moment it was the only logical explanation I could come up with.

Just as I was about to head out the door to find our friend (and hopefully Penelope with him!), I realized that I didn’t need to search for her at all because she was AT DOGGY DAYCARE and Andy would be bringing her home with him!

Penelope in Bed #thissarahloves


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Halfway there

This weekend we started lots of projects, but finished very few.

We decided to re-organize our entry way coat closet.  It’s a bit of a weird closet, as it houses the water heater too. It means on one side of the closet we have about 11″ between the closet door and the weird plywood box built around our water heater. After lots of googling around, we decided that our best option would be a cheap-o bookcase from Target.  It had the right dimensions, the right price (cheap cheap cheap), and since it would be hidden inside the closet, we figured the melamine wouldn’t be too much of an eyesore.

As you can see, I did line it with my chevron contact paper.  I’ve finally finished up the first two rolls.  I did consider lining it with something else, but it’s hard to argue with self-stick paper….  I’ll show a full reveal shot once we get our storage boxes bought, built and filled.

Penelope did her part to build the bookcase. (Ignore the rats nest of wires behind her, please!)  Please note her new leopard print pajamas.  Adorable!


I also found some gorgeous fabric for our living room.  I realized that we need bigger, lighter colored scatter cushions on the couch, and have been on the lookout for something.  This weekend, I found the perfect print at Jo-Anns.  I think I want to do the back in a contrasting fabric and color, but I haven’t decided what yet ….


Oh and Penelope got some more new sweaters, since she looks ridiculous in her extra small ones now that we got her some properly fitting ones.  Guess she grew more than we thought!  Here she is showing of her pink plaid one.


Hopefully I’ll be able to share the pretty and organized coat closet before the end of the week.  The pillows may take a little longer …

What did you do this weekend?

Happy Birthday Penelope!

Guess who is turning one today?!?

This adorable birthday card, courtesy of my parents, showed up in the mail for Penny!  What a spoiled grand-dog!


She also got a new harness and a new leash!  Here she is on our morning walk showing off her new accessories. What a stylish pup!


Oh yes, that’s most certainly a Burberry knock-off harness.  I COULD NOT RESIST!  I paired it with a bright red leash.  We don’t want to be too matchy matchy with a plaid leash too.

I can’t believe how much she’s grown.  This is the online picture we fell in love with.  Can you believe that they had trouble finding a home for her?  Apparently black dogs don’t sell well because they’re so hard to photograph.

And here she is, crazy hair and all, when we brought her home (at around 15 weeks).


Happy Birthday Penelope!