New Pillow Fabric

Knowing that we were going to switch to the grey Karlstad in the living room eventually, I picked up some fabric for new pillow covers from the fabric outlet store when I was in California in September.  The covers are still not made, but here they are draped on the new couch to show off the colors and prints.SONY DSC

Everyone seems to have a different favorite. I really like that I found a way to bring in a warm color without it being too loud. I think this golden yellow is the perfect addition to the space.SONY DSC



Are you doing any non-Christmas decorating?

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Living Room Upgrade

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that our living room was overflowing with boxes.  The good news is we no longer have the boxes; the bad news is there are two couches in my living room (one of which is the massive Karlstad sectional). It took 4 of us about 1.5 hours to put the couch together (and another 30 minutes to move things around in the living room.)

You may recall, that this is what our living room has looked like for the last few weeks. (I think it’s probably been months, but I’m going to keep saying weeks because it makes me feel better, okay?)

The Current State of our Living Room - Karlstad Boxes


Within minutes of walking in the house, my cousin decided that the boxes had to go and the couch had to be assembled.  We stashed the side chairs in the basement and cleared some space to build the couch. There were A LOT of pillows. And a lot of small little Ikea screws and bolts, but we split into teams and got the couch built in record time.


We had only two minor injuries; and I was the unfortunate recipient of both. One bonk on the head with a piece of wood during the building phase and one elbow to the nose during the fluffing phase. I’m happy to report it was nothing an ice-pack couldn’t fix!
New Couch - The Process


I LOVE the fabric we chose for the cover – it’s the Isunday Grey.


And here it is! It takes up approximately the same floor space as the brown sofa / rattan chair combo, but it feels like there’s so much more space to sit (and in reality there is, since we added the corner and subtracted a bunch of the sofa and chair arms).


The brown couch is currently sitting between this couch and the bar. Since it’s a super-heavy sofa-bed, we won’t be moving that into the basement until after the floors/walls are done down there.

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Canvas Gallery Wall

Canvas Wall Closeup #thissarahloves
I still haven’t decided what to do with the wall that separates the stairs & entry from the dining room.  I’ve thought about a stencil, and about stripes, but last weekend minutes before our guests were due to arrive, I quickly hung our 8 fabric covered canvases on the wall.  Partly to hide the swatch of blue test paint, and partly to help the room feel a bit more finished.

If you’re experiencidng some deja vu and you’ve been around for a while, you’re probably recognizing the canvases from our apartment living room wall.

Fabric Wrapped Canvas Wall Panels - Long Wall Dilemma Solved

At first we had only hung 3 in each row since there’s a bulk head / beam, but after stepping back I realized filling up the wall was the way to go.
Canvas Wall view form the Dining Room #thissarahloves

That’s the view from the dining room.  Gaps are about 5 inches.  We hung everything with the help of our trusty laser level.  Right now all of the canvases are on one nail each, which means they get knocked askew – so once we paint this wall, I’ll probably add an extra nail to keep things a little more stable.

Oh and for those who want some details; each canvas is 16×20 (from Michaels with a coupon).  The fabrics are form Jo-Anns.  I bought 2/3rds of a yard of each which covered two panels with barely any fabric left to spare.

Canvas Wall in the Dining Room #thissarahloves

Oh and here’s the view with from the entry.  (Spoiler alert: the green and blue in the fabrics look really good with the green on the living and dining room walls and the new blue stairs!)

Canvas Wall from the Entry #thissarahloves

Have you made any small changes that had a big impact recently?
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Floating Around

Sorry, I couldn’t resist that lame post title.  That’s what happens when you blog after an 11 hour work day!  In the midst of updating the half bath (no, we’re not done yet.  Painting the vanity is turning out the be much more difficult than I hoped it would be) I decided to hang the floating shelves we got at Ikea. (We got the 43″ ones in high-gloss white.)

Floating Shelves - Dining Room - Wine Bar Side

We got really lucky with the stud placement & I could get each side of the bracket into the stud, so we’re pretty sure these are stuck to the wall until we decide otherwise.  I loaded them up with all of our stemware that doesn’t fit in the wine bar below – which is most of the tall stemmed glasses.  Hopefully now that they’re out in the open we’ll be more likely to use the nice glasses.

Floating Shelves - Dining Room - Details

Floating Shelves - Dining Room - Details 3

Floating Shelves - Dining Room - Details 2We picked up this wine bucket and wine coaster at Target on their after Christmas sale. I love the combination of wood and stainless steel.  I some more of our African decorative items to the shelves to pick up some of the other colors in the room. Overall, I’m really happy with how these turned out! Exactly as I had pictures ever since we re-did the wine buffet back in our old apartment!

Floating Shelves - Dining Room - Wine Bar

Ahh look how nicely that fills up the wall. Wine bar, complete!

What did you do this weekend?  Any snow where you are? (You should follow us on Instagram for project & Penelope updates.)
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Small Additions in the Living Room

When we bought out house we moved significantly closer to Ikea, which makes a quick Saturday morning trip much more feasible.  We popped in on Saturday morning to pick up some white floating shelves to install above the blue wine bar. (Spoiler alert: We haven’t added them yet!)

Of course, a few other items also hopped into our cart.  I’ve been meaning to add some plants to our house, but since I’m pretty good at killing them, I’ve been hesitant.Small Additions - Succulents


These little guys were too cute to resist and I’ve always loved these white Ikea pots. They’re even more adorable in the miniature sizes! Fingers crossed that we don’t kill them soon.

Small Additions - Succulents on the Buffet


I’ll be back to share some more small updates we’ve made around here.  The living area is coming together nicely! Have you made any small updates around the house?


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