Photo of the Week: Penelope Sleeps In

If you follow me on Instagram {thissarahloves} you’ve already seen these, but they were too cute not to share with everyone! Penelope refused to get out of bed when we were making it on Monday morning, so we made it around her & she popped up over the burlap scatter cushion.  Luckily my phone was lying on my nightstand, so a photo shoot ensued.

Penelope Sleeps In - Teddy Bear Imitation Penelope Sleeps In - Yawn

Yup, I’m 100% sure she knows how adorable she is…

Heart Sarah


Photo of the Week: Penny with Mr. Monkey

Somebody got a Valentines day toy from the Target after Valentines day clearance sale.  Meet Mr. Monkey.  He crinkles and has a squeaker  which is apparently the perfect combination as far as Penny is concerned.  He’s also holding up well – despite being stepped on while his ears / legs / arms are being stretched away from his body.  Not bad for $1.49!
Penny and Mr Monkey Polaroid

Photo Evidence

Some photo evidence of our existence last week.

First up, fancy frittata dinner.  (Mushrooms, spinach, feta, green onions & a side salad).
Fancy Frittata Dinner

Next up, Penny found a ball at the park.  She got possessive.  The ball was ejected from the game park for everyone’s safety.

Penny Plays Ball

Final thoughts; Penny loves to snuggle after Andy gets out of bed. Here she’s taken over my side of the bed, including my pillow, & refuses to wake up.
Penny Sleeps In

Photo(s) of the Week

Some Penelope love for your Tuesday!

She gets really cute when we make her stay up past her bedtime.  The photo below was taken on NYE, around 11pm.  She was exhausted and made adorable faces.

This is Miss P last week. She couldn’t sit on my lap because I was actually standing at my standing desk (imagine that), so she found a spot on the back of the rattan chairs. From there she can see me, the front door, & if she turns around can watch “squirrel TV” over the coffee table. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like the perfect spot!
Hope you have a Happy Tuesday.

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