Hellooooo Summer! (Patriotic Decor)


Do you guys decorate for Memorial Day? I love putting out some cute red, white, and blue decor to celebrate the beginning of Summer. Memorial Day is also when we put our flag up, which stays out pretty much through Labor Day.

Last year I found the “USA” and stars wooden decorations at the ($3) dollar spot at Target.  The wreath is a pool noodle, burlap ribbon, & lots of hot glue! I found the paper straws, the jars, and the green container at Michaels.  The blue frame is a universal donation center find, which I cleaned up and painted with DIY blue chalk paint.

Patriotic DecoPatriotic Decor

Do you have any fun plans for the long weekend? We’ve both taken an extra day off work and plan to knock some of our bigger to-do list items off the list before this belly starts getting in the way even more!Patriotic Decor


Living Room Cushions Get a Facelift

It took me a while, okay, FOREVER, to get around to sewing these cushion covers. I got the fabric in September, told you about them in December, and finally sewed the pillow covers in March.  Good thing I still liked the fabric by then!

Here they are all lined up (including the world’s most adorable little photo bomber) so you can see the colors together.  I love the toned down shades with the grey couch.SONY DSC


Part of what took so long is that I wanted to replace the actual pillow inserts as well. When I last updated our scatter cushions, I bought  the down inserts from Ikea – at around $5 each they were a great price. However, I got to a stage where I felt that if I found one more feather in my hair after a nap on the couch, I was going to lose it.  The pillow forms also did not hold their shape well and looked a little lost on the bigger Karlstad.


I found some high quality down alternative pillows from JoAnns but they are expensive without a coupon, and our JoAnns is far away.  So I did a little more research and found that the ones from Crate and Barrel are comparable in price (even without a coupon) and rated well. I also had a 15% off coupon, so I headed to the store and grabbed 5 down alternative inserts.  So far I LOVE the quality.

I also upgraded to the 23″ square size (up from the 20″ size we had from Ikea before). These pillows behave like down-filled ones, but without the allergens (or feathers in your hair!). I think the bigger size matches the scale of the couch better and looks a little more luxurious!


Oh and a little poodle named Penelope approve too. Good thing these covers are removable and washable!



Did you check off any projects on your to-do list this weekend? I also hemmed the living room curtains (finally) and sold our coffee table on Craigslist.

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Vintage Finds

Remember that time when I went to Rough Luxe market and didn’t tell you what I bought? Sorry about that…

So without delay, here’s what I came home with! I found these gorgeous vintage German wine crates. There were three, but I restrained myself and only came home with one. I can’t decide if it will go in the basement. For now it’s hanging out next to the wine bar, because appropriate.



I also fell in LOVE with this vintage pear crate label. Still on a piece of packing crate.  I think it will look REALLY good with the white planked walls in the basement, but I propped it up on the floating shelves above the wine bar and am loving the contrast between the high-gloss white shelves and the vintage wood.


Oh, and after our trip to Rough Luxe, we stopped by Stylish Patina and found these gorgeous metal animal plates.  I think these will look amazing in the kitchen once we paint the walls.


Have you found anything fun when looking for vintage items recently?

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Halloween 2014 – Phase 1

Halloween 2014 - Elephant Trick or Treat

This past weekend we pulled out the Halloween decor. We didn’t really decorate for Halloween last year, since we moved into this house in the middle of October. Turns out we didn’t really have all that much in the form of Halloween stuff.  I focused my decorating on the white shelves above the wine bar.

Halloween 2014 - Decorated Wine Shelves

The “Boo” banner still looks cute. I added our spider salt and pepper shakers, and popped a mum from Trader Joes in our thrift store find pumpkin.  Things still looked a little bare, so we shopped the dollar spot at Target and came home with that “Trick or Treat” and the “Witch Parking Only” sign. I switched out some of our other decorative items for the orange Hoopoe to add a little more color.

Halloween 2014 - Witch Parking Only


Halloween 2014 - Spiders

I have a few more items to add to the top of the buffet in the dining room and I also plan on decorating outside with our foam bats. We also bought some cute DIY luminaries to use along our front walk on Halloween night & hopefully we’ll find some time to carve a friendly Jack O’Lantern to welcome trick-or-treaters.

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Rhino Hooks

Rhino Hooks 1

Sticking with the Rhino theme from last week, here are two more that recently joined our household!  I got these from West Elm many moons ago. At first the plan was to attach them to the side of the TV cabinet (back when it was positioned next to our sliding door in the apartment).  Since that idea went out the window when we moved, I wanted to mount the heads on some wooden plaques. I had this specific shield shape in mind, but couldn’t find them at Michaels.  A couple of weeks ago buying those plaques finally moved to the top of my to-do list and I grabbed some at Jo-Anns.

Rhino Hooks - White-washed Wooden Bases

Rhino Hooks - On Base

I decided to whitewash the wood, but I’m still not 100% sold on the idea. I’m not sure where they will ultimately hang at this house, so I may have to repaint the bases when I figure out where they’ll live. For now they’re hanging on the pillar that goes down to the basement, with nothing on them, so they’re not yet super functional as hooks. Good thing they look good!

Rhino Hooks


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Dining Room Updates

Since the last time I showed you the dining room, we’ve made a few changes: we got a new, bigger table; two extra chairs; found a table cloth that fits the new bigger table; and switched some art around!Dining Update - New Table

We used to have the small Bjursta, which really only seated 4 even with both leaves pulled out, mainly because of the leg placement. We managed to get 6 people at the table for Easter when my parents and my cousins were in town, but honestly, it wasn’t the most comfortable!

After lots of back and forth, and spending way too much time looking at tables online and in person, we realized that we didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on a table that may only be our “just for now” table.  So we took advantage of Ikea’s family price on the bigger Bjusta (the 4 to 8 seater) and super-sized our table.

Dining Update - New Table

It may not be the prettiest, but it’s functional, and both the price and size I wanted! We never had any trouble with the little Bjursta in about 6 or 7 years and about 4 moves, so we’re hoping not to have any trouble with this one either!

And since we could now seat 6, we needed two more chairs. I like the idea of adding unique chairs at the head of the table, but wasn’t sure if I wanted nice upholstered ones that could easily be pulled into the living room or something more fun. When I found these metal bucket chairs for about half the price I thought I’d have to pay for anything else, I was sold, and immediately loaded them into my cart.

Dining Update - New Chairs and Table

I love how the rounded backs coordinate with the rounded backs on the wood chairs, without looking like we tried to make a set of something that’s clearly not a set. Penny approves too, although they’re not her favorite surface to sit on. (I think they remind her of the stainless table at the v-e-t-‘s office.)

I like protecting the table, and adding a bit of softness on that side of the room with a table cloth. This table has strange dimensions (long and narrow), so I had a bit of trouble finding the right size at first, but I found this linen look one at Home Goods and it’s a good size.  For once I’m actually hoping it shrinks a bit in the wash!

Dining Update - New Table Cloth

Here’s one last look at the table cloth. I’m thinking that once the canvases also move down to the basement (no idea what will go on this wall then!), I’d love to add some more of this golden yellow color to the room to add some warmth.Dining Update - New ChairsWhat room in your house seems to get a disproportionate amount of your attention? I feel like I should much rather be working on the master bath or the basement, (or the kitchen or our bedroom), but instead I keep tweaking the dining room.  Maybe it’s because I can see it from the couch?

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Is it bigger than a bread box?

Nope, because it IS a breadbox.  I wonder if those twenty question toys could figure this one out?

Breadbox with a Turtle

This is certainly not ground breaking (or DIY) but I thought I’d share ths new(ish) addition to our kitchen.  I actually think we got it in December on a trial run to see if Andy’s bread lasts longer in the bread box.  I’m not sure if it does (as I don’t eat the bread) but if nothing else I don’t see the moldy bread lying on the counter anymore!  I can say that my tortillas stay fresh longer! (It’s the Threshold Acacia Wood Breadbox if you’re interested.)

I was very hesitant to add something else to our already cluttered counter tops, but I actually think this has helped to tidy up some of the clutter.  We also have not slipped into the habit of stacking things on top of the box, other than the occasional recipe book, which I don’t mind.  I think having the cute little turtle (his shells are measuring cups!) on there reminds us that it’s not a shelf.
Open Breadbox with a Turtle
Do you have a bread box? Or do you just keep bread in the freezer?

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