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Joy to the World

Fall on your Knees



Favorite Finds: (Early) Christmas 2014

Okay, okay, I know it’s only October, but I couldn’t resist sharing my favorite Christmas finds. All of my go-to stores have Christmas decor on their websites and I just can’t help myself. (At least I’m not listening to Christmas music, yet!)Favorite Finds - Early Christmas 2014

from Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

1. Birdhouses

2. Birds

3. Bird Side Plates

4. Reindeer Dish Towel

5. Vintage Dish Towels

6. Gold Stripe Table Cloth

7. Gold Table Runner

I’ve been remarkably restrained in purchasing Christmas decor, especially given how cute everything is this year! However, I did sneak these cute little birdies into my basket when we were at Ikea.Christmas Decoration - Little Birds

Are you ready for Christmas yet?

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A Christmas Dining Room

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas yesterday!

We kept things simple and festive this year in the dining room, with a little extra attention being paid to our brand new (to us) mid-century modern buffet.

MCM Buffet - Ready for Christmas

Isn’t she a beauty?  I’ve been whining to Andy that we need a storage piece in the dining room BUT I wanted something very budget friendly as we know that parents are planning on passing along my grandmother’s beautiful wood buffet to us at some point in the future.

I loved this cabinet from World Market, but at $499 + $100 delivery, the price wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. We considered just picking up an inexpensive cabinet from Target but didn’t think we had the energy to put together a non-Ikea flat pack.  We had just decided on a high-gloss gray Expedit since we figured we could reuse it in the basement in the future, when we thought to check the consignment store I drive by on my way to work every day.

We could not believe our eyes when we spotted this beauty, for LESS than the Target cabinet.  We inspected it (the drawers slide well & everything is sturdy) and power-walked (it was dangerous to run in that store) the ticket to the front desk to secure our purchase.

MCM Buffet

We squeezed the buffet right into the hatchback (best car decision ever) despite a passer-by’s clear disbelief that we could make it work. And we immediately placed the buffet in place and started filling all of the glorious storage we just added to the house!

Finally, we had a place to show off our giant Christmas crackers (from Marshalls) & the snowman sugar and creamer set (from Crate and Barrel Outlet many years ago).

Snowman Sugar and Creamer - Christmas Dining Room

I think the Christmas gnomes approve.

Christmas Nutcracker Gnomes - Christmas Dining Room

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Yardstick Christmas Card Tree

Yardstick Card Tree - #thissarahlovesNope you’re not having a case of deja vu! This is the second yardstick project in a week. Creating the star was so easy, I just had to try my hand at another project.

This was the perfect rainy Sunday afternoon project & it was twice as fun as I got to rope my cousin who is visiting for Christmas into helping me with the project!

We started with 6 yardsticks and a high-tech sketch. (I used the measurements on the right, as we decided that a one-foot top branch would be too short.)Yardstick Card Tree - #thissarahloves - Sketch-up

We used a jigsaw to trim our yardsticks to the desired measurements & reused the cut-off piece from the 20″ branch for the top-most 16″ branch.  We gave everything a quick coat of paint & then plugged in our trusty glue gun.

Yardstick Card Tree - #thissarahloves - Glueing

Yardstick Card Tree - #thissarahloves - Mini Clothespins

We glued all our “branches” to the “trunk” and then used tiny clothespins (found at Michaels) to each branch to hold up the Christmas cards.  We tried to be very careful not to be too exact or to measure things out to give it a more rustic feel.

Yardstick Card Tree - #thissarahloves - Treetopper


We also attached this snowflake cut-out (from Michaels) as our tree topper.  We decided not to paint it because we liked the raw wood with the green yardstick tree.

Here it is all finished up & hanging in the dining room with the new buffet & a rather large amount of additional Christmas decorations.

Dining Room Ready for Christmas with Yardstick Christmas Card Tree


Did you do any last minute Christmas decorating?


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Yardstick Card Tree - #thissarahloves - Filled with Christmas Cards

Yardstick Christmas Star

Christmas Yardstick Star with Christmas Lights - #thissarahloves

Last week while perusing Pinterest while watching TV, I spotted Little Bit Funky’s giant yardstick Christmas start & just knew I HAD to have one for myself.  

I grabbed 5 yardsticks from Home Depot for just 70 cents each & gave them all a coat of left-over almost-baby-blue paint.  (I painted both sides, since they started bowing after the first coat of paint).

Christmas Yardstick Star - Supplies #thissarahloves

Once everything was dry, I simply laid the yardsticks into a star pattern – be patient, it may take a while to get everything lined up just right – and hot glued the sticks together.Christmas Yardstick Star 1 - #thissarahloves Christmas Yardstick Star 2 - #thissarahloves

I wasn’t planning on adding any lights because I really liked the less than $5 price point & it looks pretty great above the wine bar!Christmas Yardstick Star - On the Wall - #thissarahloves

BUT then we received our Christmas care package from the in-laws & my mother-in-law had tucked a set of mini-lights in as if she somehow knew I’d be needing them.

Christmas Yardstick Star - with Lights #thissarahloves

I carefully wound the string of lights around the star & plugged it into the same timer we use for the Christmas tree.  Now we have double the festiveness in our wine bar corner once it gets dark outside!

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What’s on your list?

I rounded up a few things I have on my wishlist.  It’s more like an “I would eventually like to own this” list than a Christmas list per se’, since there’s lots of pricey things on here. But just because I can’t have it all, doesn’t mean I can’t drool over it, right?

Christmas Wishlist

  1. I’d love a Kindle paperwhite.  My e-reader is a few years old and showing it’s age.  This would be a great upgrade.
  2. Woudn’t it look snazzy in this persimmon-colored cover?
  3. I love this Cape Town skyline print from loosepetals on Etsy.
  4. I think the small Capiz Orb would look amazing in our entry way.  Or maybe on the landing.
  5. Since we have a basement & backyard now, we’re ready to build furniture! This book should get us started. 
  6. Our thermostat is old, and finicky.  I want to upgrade it to the Nest. Badly.
  7. Oh and along with our furniture building we’d like to add some crown in the living room.  The Kreg crown pro should help with all the angles!
  8. We need a LOT more art for all the floors of this house.  I’d love to do a travel theme somewhere & I think this calendar will be a great start!
  9. We have the perfect corner for a wingback & the Ikea Strandmon is gorgeous & comfy.

Penelope also made a list:
Penny - Christmas Wishlist

  1. She loves the Ikea throws she took over. (I’m not sure why she want’s another one – she already has two).
  2.  This ducky toy looks good for shaking.
  3. This squirrel toy claims to improve doggy problem solving skills. I think she wants it so she can solve the “problem” of being in her crate while we’re at work.
  4. She loves her “puppy crack” so it’s ALWAYS on the list.  Teenie Greenies, for a teenie pup.
  5. This stuffing-less penguin also looks good for shaking.  (Can you tell she likes shaking toys.)

What’s on your list?

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Christmas Traditions

Do you guys have any Christmas traditions? We don’t have kids, so we don’t get to do Elf on the Shelf (although I may or may not have tried to convince Andy to do it for me) or creative advent calendars (I don’t think Penelope would be too excited unless the calendar contained ice-cream or lamb).  We did however decide to collect snowman ornaments when we got married.

We pick out one new one each year at Christmas, plus we try to pick up cute snowmen whenever we see them while traveling.  We’ve been trying to pick out non-breakable ones – mostly wood and metal, although we do have some ceramic ones.<img class=”size-full wp-image-3976 aligncenter” alt=”Christmas Snowman Collection #thissarahloves” src=”” width=”450″ height=”740″ /></a>

Since this is our 6th Christmas together, we’ve built up a nice collection.  I spent a few minutes when decorating the tree this year to label all the ornaments on their backs / bottoms so that we can remember which year / where we got them.  I love the idea that our tree will slowly fill up with snowmen over time!

You may also spy two non-snowmen ornaments in that collage.  I found the Santa riding on an elephant and on a giraffe ornaments in Kenya last year, and even though they were clearly priced for the tourist market, I just had to have them.  Kenya Ornaments #thissarahlovesSarah Signature