A Quick Trip to LA

If you follow me on Instagram, your saw that we took a quick getaway to LA last weekend. Some good friends from college were getting married, which meant it was like a mini reunion of the best kind.  The wedding was amazing!  I didn’t take many pictures, but here are a few of my favorites. Since we were downtown and not in Hollywood, these pictures aren’t your typical “LA” views.

Heading into downtown! (Look, the traffic is actually moving!  An LA miracle).

Weekend in LA - Downtown Views

The window shutters at our hotel.  It was a beautiful old hotel with lots of vintage touches.

Weekend in LA - Our Hotel - Windows

Our gorgeous room! I love all the textures and warm colors they incorporated into the space.



Weekend in LA - Our Hotel

The view from our window. We were right downtown & could see 4 bank buildings from our window.Weekend in LA - View from our Hotel


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Independence Day Photo Update

Since we had family from overseas in town over 4th of July, we decided that we should take them to see the DC fireworks. (After we put them to work sorting out our backyard, of course!)

Not wanting to brave the crowds downtown, we instead decided to brave the crowds at Gravelly Point  – the park usually known as a great spot for watching airplanes take-off and land is also a great spot from which to view the National Mall fireworks.

We had an early dinner and then headed out to the park with picnic blankets and snacks in tow. The weather was absolutely gorgeous – a light breeze keeping the mosquitoes away and cool enough to be outside without melting.

Independence Day 2014 at Gravelly Point
Independence Day 2014 at Gravelly Point - Cousins
Independence Day 2014 at Gravelly Point - Cousins II

We had a great view of the fireworks (both the earlier ones on the hills overlooking the park and the main event). Taking pictures of the fireworks are never as great as actually viewing them, but here are a couple of my best shots.

Independence Day 2014 at Gravelly Point - Fireworks IIIndependence Day 2014 at Gravelly Point - Fireworks I
Did you do anything fun for the 4th?

Exploring the City

Happy Monday friends.  Thank you for all your kind comments about our re-done retro stereo cabinet on Friday.  I’ll be back later in the week with lots of details about the making of the new wine buffet!July Tourists in DC


We had some friend from college in town this weekend & we spent Friday and Saturday exploring DC with them.  We took a dusk walking tour of the National Mall on Friday which I would highly recommend!  {I wasn’t paid or perked for that link – we just really liked the tour & would use them again in the future!}

On Saturday we went to the Library of Congress, which is gorgeous, the Supreme Court, which was draped in a picture of the Supreme Court (not kidding), and the Capitol.  Next we hopped on a bus to Georgetown where we refused to stand in the ridiculously long line for Georgetown Cupcake, and instead ate an early dinner & then got treats from Baked & Wired.  (I’m not a fan of their cupcakes, but I got a gluten free caramel blondie and it was delicious!)

Here’s a bigger picture of the walls & ceilings inside the Library of Congress.  Impressive, no?

Library of Congress Detail


Needless to say, there wasn’t any DIYing around here this weekend.  We’re just happy we managed to put all of our projects away before the guests arrived on Friday!

What did you do this weekend?

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A Little Lucketts Outing

This weekend we braved the weather and made the trek out to the Old Lucketts Store in Leesburg, VA to see what their Spring Market was all about.  Unfortunately the weather did not play along and we only stayed for a little more than an hour.  Oh and we didn’t buy a single thing…

We did see a few cute things.  {Top Left} I liked this book bundle at Miss Mustard Seed‘s booth.  Unfortunately she was busy when we walked past there, so I didn’t get to meet her.  {Top Right} I was in love with these little kiddie play tents.  Don’t they look super easy to DIY?  I have no idea what they cost – I had stopped looking at prices at this point.  {Bottom Left}  These brightly colored school desks were so fun!  I clearly have no use for one of these but I was strangely drawn to them. {Bottom Right} I just love the combination of the blue paint and stained wood.  The lines on that dresser are pretty great too.  It was sold though.

Lucketts - Fun Finds while Shopping at the Spring Market

Overall, I’d say if you were looking for redone vintage furniture, there were some good finds and decent deals to be had.  Apparently you should go on a Sunday if you want the good deals.  But if you’re used to shopping at Goodwill and repainting your own dresser finds, you’re unlikely to find much you’d like to spend your money.  You will find LOTS of inspiration though!  I do think I’ll go again in the future, but on a Sunday, and only if the weather plays along.

What did you do this weekend?

Heart Sarah

Playing Tourist

Last Friday we channeled our inner-tourist & took Andy’s parents downtown.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of these already.  We stopped at a few of the monuments, but since the Lincoln is my favorite, and the light was so interesting when we were there, I’m sharing those.  The weather was perfect; a cool breeze, relatively high humidity which kept it nice and warm, and overcast so the sun wasn’t bearing down on us.

What did you do this weekend?Playing Tourist - Cloudy Day at the Lincoln Playing Tourist - View from the Lincoln

Cherry Blossoms

I owe you a house post, but I’ve been doing too many things to stop to take (and edit) pictures.

  • I’m getting the guest room ready for our guests who are arriving on Wednesday.
  • I moved one of the shelves in our master closet & reorganized the closet.
  • I sewed some scatter cushion covers for my parents’ guest room (per my mom’s request).
  • Penelope and I supervised as Andy finally painted his DIY corn hole board.
  • I finally picked up a paint sample for the nightstands – the very nice guy at HD also couldn’t get the computer to give him the formula for Country Mist, although unlike the previous guy, he tried everything he could to find a solution.  I had planned ahead this time & decided to just get Tide Pools if I couldn’t get Country Mist.  I tested a little spot on the nightstand and I think the color is going to look great!

Aside from doing house things, we also did a quick city trip this morning.   One of my April Goals was to go see the Cherry Blossoms & on Sunday morning we did just that!   We got up early and were in the city by 8am.  We walked all around the tidal basin, stopping at the Jefferson, FDR, and MLK Jr Memorials and taking lots of pictures of the Cherry Blossoms.  We were back on the metro at 10am, just as the crowds started to arrive!

Cherry Blossoms 2013 Close-upCherry Blossoms 2013 Jefferson in the BackgroundCherry Blossoms 2013 with FDRs Scotty DogI’ll be back with pictures from one of our many house related projects tomorrow!

What did you do this weekend?


Hurricane Sandy came past here yesterday. We weren’t hit hard and maintained power, except for a few flickers yesterday evening. However, with all the hurricane prep, I didn’t tackle a Pinterest project. (Insert sad face here). We did finally stock up on some emergency food supplies. I also vacuumed the whole house, washed every single piece of laundry, and made sure to keep the number of dirty dishes down.

Mostly we just sat at home. Penny wondered were the squirrels were hiding and barked at falling branches.

Our thoughts are with those more affected by the storm. Stay safe!