New Mom Gift Basket


On Friday, I got to go visit my friend and her new baby. I was taught to always bring food, but I wanted to bring her something just for her too. I quickly poked around on Pinterest and found a list at Happy Home Fairy that seemed like it had some good suggestions. I jotted down some suggestions and we hit Target to pick up some supplies.

I got a selection of snacks & some tea. I figured if Mom doesn’t want some of it, Dad would willingly eat the rest. I got (1) Lentil Snaps, (2) Fruit strips, (3) Tictacs, (4) Icebreakers, (5) Swedish Fish / Starburst, (6) Camomile Tea, (7) Granola bars.


I also got some personal care items; (1) Face wipes, (2) Lotion, (3) Dry shampoo, (4) Lip balm, (5) Purell. Oh and I can’t show up with nothing for baby, so we picked up this adorable hat and mitten set.


What else would you have liked to receive in a new mom gift basket?



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