A Usable Backyard (Finally!)

Bet you didn’t expect to hear anything from me any time soon! It’s been so quiet here at This Sarah Loves.  Luckily, that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been doing anything around the house – in fact I’m really far behind in updating you on all the happenings around here. Today I want to show off how great our backyard looks.  After 18 months of barely using our backyard, we have a gorgeous, fenced in, yard!

Backyard - BeforeBackyard After

We took that before when we looked at the house in August 2013. Last spring, we posted the Azaleas on Craigslist and someone came to dig most of them out for his own backyard. Then in July, my uncle and cousin helped us rip the final shrubs out, build a new divider planter bed between our yard and the neighbors’ (to mask the elevation change) and level out the patio.  We also paid someone to demolish and remove the world’s largest shed & found that patio table on clearance at Target.

We’ve obviously made a ton of changes/updates so far this Spring! First was the fence. We called back the guy that gave us the best quote last Summer & his guys installed the whole thing in an afternoon. Next we found a small shed in which to store the grill, charcoal, and lawnmower. We also picked up a DIY raised cedar garden bed kit, so Andy could finally get his vegetable garden. (More details to come.)

We have been looking around for some new patio furniture so we can have dinner outside /  enjoy our outdoor space. We had considered getting some more Applaro furniture from Ikea to add to the 2 chairs we brought from San Diego. However, when my mom and I found this fun patterned patio umbrella I was sold. I hunted down 4 of these coral patio chairs (the Threshold Afton) to go with our existing patio table. (Side note: I got these in the original shipping box, and the color was marked as “Clownfish Orange” instead of Coral).



We moved the wooden chairs onto the grass, where they’re in the shade in the afternoons. We also added the cute plant stand (it’s resin, so easy to move) as a side table between the two (I found it at Home Depot, but can’t find it online.)


Stop by later this week to get more details on our DIY veggie garden!

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