Little Update: Leash Hooks

We (like most of you) make regular little updates around the house. Sometimes I feel like we’re not making enough progress on the big things, so every few weeks I plan on sharing some of the little updates that make our lives easier. Hopefully it will both serve to inspire you to get the little things done AND serve as a record of what we did manage to get do around the house.


Last weekend I added these hooks be hind the front door. We had some command hooks in the coat closet for Penny’s leashes / harnesses / jackets, but it was a pain to always shove our heads in there to get them out.

I found the hooks for a steal at Home Goods. One of my main requirements for these hooks were that they did not have exposed screw heads – I know, I know, that’s weird. Know what you like, right?  Although these hooks came with hidden screws, they came with those stupid push-in anchors that you have to pre-drill holes for.  I have recently started using self-drilling anchors (the came with something we ordered) and love them to the point that I had to wait until I could swing by Home Depot to get more of them before putting up these hooks. (A note of caution – use a regular screwdriver NOT an electric one, or you will shear this anchor clean off).



Once I got the anchors, it took less than 10 minutes to get the hooks on the wall. Why oh why do I also take forever to do the things that will take so little time! It’s working really well to corral the leashes and her extra sweaters / coats / adorable polka dot dresses. And because it doesn’t get much cuter than a polka dot dress, here’s close-up of the hook & the dress.SONY DSC


Check that one off the to-do list!

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