Rag Quilt: Blue Birdies

This is the other blanket we’re making for the twin baby girls. I wanted fabric that had a similar feel, without being a complete copy of the Spring Kittens blanket.


Even though I LOVE the completed blanket, when I look at the cut fabric, that blue is too much for me!  What do you think?

Rag Quilt - Blue Birds - Fabric Combinations

This is all the fabric you’ll need for a blanket. We use 18 big blocks, 17 long blocks, and 34 (2×17) small blocks. We cut squares back to back so there’s fabric on each side. One side looks just like a regular patchwork blanket, while the other has the “rag” effect since we snip the seems to help them fray.SONY DSC

I just love all the shades of pink in this little bird fabric. I know chevron is so 2013 (2012?) in home decor trends, but I think it’s such a fun pattern to include in the baby blankets. Here’s  a close-up of those chubby little birdies!  that front facing blue one is my favorite!

SONY DSCAnd here it is ready to be tied with a pretty bow for twin #2 (or #1) – I’m not telling the parents which blanket needs to go to which baby.SONY DSC


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