Vintage Finds

Remember that time when I went to Rough Luxe market and didn’t tell you what I bought? Sorry about that…

So without delay, here’s what I came home with! I found these gorgeous vintage German wine crates. There were three, but I restrained myself and only came home with one. I can’t decide if it will go in the basement. For now it’s hanging out next to the wine bar, because appropriate.



I also fell in LOVE with this vintage pear crate label. Still on a piece of packing crate.  I think it will look REALLY good with the white planked walls in the basement, but I propped it up on the floating shelves above the wine bar and am loving the contrast between the high-gloss white shelves and the vintage wood.


Oh, and after our trip to Rough Luxe, we stopped by Stylish Patina and found these gorgeous metal animal plates.  I think these will look amazing in the kitchen once we paint the walls.


Have you found anything fun when looking for vintage items recently?

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