Shopaholic: Stylish Patina & Rough Luxe

Hi NoVa gals (and guys).Have you guys checked out Stylish Patina in Falls Church? I discovered her store back when I was searching for chalk paint and she has the cutest things!  Once a month she opens her warehouse to the public, aka Rough Luxe Warehouse, and this weekend I finally found the time to go!  I snapped some pictures as we walked around, so hopefully you enjoy this shop-a-long!


How cute is this sign?  Would look pretty cute next to our wine bar.Rough Luxe 1Can we talk about these awesome German vintage wine crates?  I spotted them on Instagram leading up to the market, and was ridiculously excited that they were still available when we arrived on Saturday.
Rough Luxe 2There were lots of vintage signs. They would look great in a big farmhouse kitchen, or against a raw wood blanked wall too!
Rough Luxe 5I’m not sure what these wooden boxes are for, but they made a statement coffee table in this faux living room.  I’ll also take that brown leather couch please!

Rough Luxe 4I fell in love with both those art prints (although at $100 each they were out of my price range) and that cute pillow too!

Rough Luxe 3I forgot to snap a photo of the whole warehouse space (bad blogger!). Guess I’ll have to go back next month and do some more shopping! Since the warehouse is just down the street from the shop, we stopped there too.

This sign was a favorite.  I think Penelope would agree with it too!Stylish Patina 3

This ring dish is too cute for couples (like us!) who take off their rings at night.  I think it was about $5!


Stylish Patina 2

Oh and they had these gorgeous flowers at both the warehouse and the store. I couldn’t figure out what they were made of, or what I would do with one, but I was obsessed! Aren’t they gorgeous!Stylish Patina 1
I’ll stop by later in the week to show what made it into the car!  We found some cute goodies, and if I had the need, I probably could’ve come home with multiple carloads of stuff! What did you do this weekend?

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