A New Year’s Mimosa Bar

We celebrated New Year’s Eve with a few friends at our place. We drank mimosas, ate lots of cheese, and played Cards Against Humanity. Oh and we also dressed the dogs up in party hats.

I kept seeing Mimosa bars on Pinterest, and decided it was the perfect thing for New Year’s Eve. I know that mimosas are traditionally a brunch item, but I highly recommend these for your next late-night party. It looks great, everyone has fun mixing their own drinks, and it cuts the amount of alcohol in each glass.



We used three orange juices; regular orange, orange peach mango, and orange strawberry banana (all from Trader Joe’s) and set out black berries and strawberries. (I had meant to also set out clementine wedges, but ran out of time to peel the clementines). As you can see from the picture below, the Orange Peach Mango was by far the most popular juice. I found the carafes at Ross for $3.99 making this an affordable last-minute addition. The tags are wooden gift tags from Michaels – I tied them to each carafe with bakers twine (left over from the tassel garland) and wrote on them with simple black sharpie.  We didn’t end up using the cute paper straws for anything (they’re also from Michaels btw) but I love how they look and will put them away to decorate with / use in the future.SONY DSC


As you know, I also made some party hats and noisemakers. The noisemakers went largely unused (which was for the best as it sent both dogs under the dining table) but both the dogs and the humans liked the party hats. Here’s Penelope and her friend Piper modeling the party hats.



How did you spend New Year’s Eve?  Here’s to a happy and healthy 2015!

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