New Year’s Eve Party Prep

This year we’re hosting friends for New Year’s Eve. Since I didn’t decorate much for Christmas (on account of hanging out poolside in the Dominican Republic last week) I was excited to get a chance to do a bit of decorating. Our Christmas box from the in-laws had these fun Christmas crackers (and that adorable Christmas gnome) and I used them as a jumping off point for my color scheme.  As a bonus, it also means that the other red.Christmassy decorations can hang around for another week and look purposeful.




Unfortunately, the party supply stores do NOT agree with my vision for NYE as I couldn’t find any cute party hats / noisemakers (especially at prices I like). So after a little bit of browsing on Pinterest I decided to just update some cheap supplies from the dollar store.  Here’s where we started:


And after a quick run to Michaels for some clearance Christmas supplies (a stack of scrapbook paper, some adhesive ribbon, and red scrapbooking bows) and a little bit of patience and scissor-work, I have this instead. I took one hat apart to make a template to cut the paper for the new hats. For the noise makers, I took one apart to use as a template and rip the rest apart and re-used the plastic-noisemaker part.


The little hats on the right are for Penelope and her friend Piper. The dogs need to dress for the party too! FYI, tape alone didn’t work in every case to keep the cones together, so I added a staple to each. So far so good. Oh and since I already had the string from the ugly party hats on hand, I just re-used that, but any thing elastic string would do the trick.



Are you throwing any New Years Eve / New Years Day parties? After our festive NYE we’re heading to friends’ for brunch, so it will be a busy few days for us.

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