Living Room Upgrade

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that our living room was overflowing with boxes.  The good news is we no longer have the boxes; the bad news is there are two couches in my living room (one of which is the massive Karlstad sectional). It took 4 of us about 1.5 hours to put the couch together (and another 30 minutes to move things around in the living room.)

You may recall, that this is what our living room has looked like for the last few weeks. (I think it’s probably been months, but I’m going to keep saying weeks because it makes me feel better, okay?)

The Current State of our Living Room - Karlstad Boxes


Within minutes of walking in the house, my cousin decided that the boxes had to go and the couch had to be assembled.  We stashed the side chairs in the basement and cleared some space to build the couch. There were A LOT of pillows. And a lot of small little Ikea screws and bolts, but we split into teams and got the couch built in record time.


We had only two minor injuries; and I was the unfortunate recipient of both. One bonk on the head with a piece of wood during the building phase and one elbow to the nose during the fluffing phase. I’m happy to report it was nothing an ice-pack couldn’t fix!
New Couch - The Process


I LOVE the fabric we chose for the cover – it’s the Isunday Grey.


And here it is! It takes up approximately the same floor space as the brown sofa / rattan chair combo, but it feels like there’s so much more space to sit (and in reality there is, since we added the corner and subtracted a bunch of the sofa and chair arms).


The brown couch is currently sitting between this couch and the bar. Since it’s a super-heavy sofa-bed, we won’t be moving that into the basement until after the floors/walls are done down there.

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