Basement Floors

Sticking with the basement theme, I’m back today to talk about the floors.

This is Take Two (btw)! As you may recall, initially we wanted to use peel and stick plank flooring in the basement, but our inability to get the glue residue from the original sheet vinyl off the concrete foiled those plans.  We considered a few other options, but we really wanted the flooring to feel more cohesive in this home, so we were set on a dark wood look-a-like.

Basement Flooring #thissarahloves

We picked up the boxes from Home Depot and dropped them in the living room to acclimate while we finish the basement walls. This is a floating vinyl plank floor which we settled on after reading lots of reviews about this floor and others like it. We decided on the hickory finish, which appears closest to our exiting oak floors on the main level.

Basement Flooring - Closeup - #thissarahloves Basement Flooring - Closeup 2 - #thissarahloves

The floors obviously won’t ever be directly next to one another, so it doesn’t have to be an exact match – just the same overall feel. The major difference will be that we have narrow planks upstairs and these planks are 6″ wide. (You can see our existing floors in the photo below).

Original Hardwood FloorsNow we just need to prime and patch the walls and door molding, paint the walls, hang the crown molding (?), and then we can lay the floors. Our goal is to have the basement DONE before Christmas.

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