Basement Progress: DIY Planked Walls

Remember how we started the basement remodel, oh, about FOREVER ago?  Well we’re still going!  The walls have all been planked, all the doorways (and the window) have fancy new craftsman style molding and we’re busy priming ever square inch.Basement Progress - Primer - #thissarahloves

We’re pretty happy with how the walls are looking.  It was a massive job! We used 17 4’x8′ sheets of thin plywood, cut into 8″ strips to cover all of the walls and thousands of nails (sorry future homeowners).  We’re particularly proud of how we framed out this odd little bump in the hallway (there’s a support post behind there, so it had to stay.)

Basement Progress - Support Post Bumpout - #thissarahloves


We realized early on that we were going to have to embrace the imperfection of this project, so we purposefully did NOT line up all the seams.  This was surprisingly easy to do since neither our floors nor our ceilings were level. Basement Progress - Walls 1 - #thissarahloves


Next on the to do list:

1. Finish priming walls and molding

2. Patch the 2 million nail holes

3. Paint the walls and molding (it’s all going white, although the molding will be a higher gloss)

4. Install crown molding

5. Install floors

Other things we want to do (which are not on our pre-December to do list):

  • Build in a desk in the nook near the exterior door
  • Paint the exterior basement door (I’m leaning toward navy blue right now)
  • Add molding to the interior doors

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