Fall Nails {The Clumsy Girl’s Guide to NOT messing up a manicure}

A little off-topic today – hope you don’t mind too much!

I’ve never been big on painting my nails with anything other than clear polish (and not even that often). Not because I don’t like it, but because I’m pretty bad at actually painting my nails and even worse at not ruining the polish within seconds of putting down the bottle of nail polish!

However, behold the manicure below. My nails were a) NOT done professionally and b) were done more than 12 hours before.  So, what magical thing did I do to stop from smudging my polish in seconds?

Fall Nails - Closeup


I got a consultation from my nail polish-hoarding friend Ashley, who strongly suggested a quick-dry top coat and sticking my hands in the freezer for a few minutes. I had already realized that using high quality nail polish makes painting your nails much easier, and I love Essie’s color choices (I used Chinchilly this time).  I grabbed some Essie top/base coat in one and since Target was out of their quick dry top coat & I’m too scared to try to drying drops, I grabbed some Sally Hansen insta-dri. I followed the instructions on the box, and Ashley’s of sticking my hands in the freezer and had no smudging!  Thanks Ashley!

Fall Nails - Clumsy Girl's Guide to NOT Messing up a Manicure - #thissarahloves



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