MirrorMate: An Unsolicited Review

Last month, I made a quick visit to California. My parents had a long list of little tasks they wanted me to help with, while I was there, and like a good daughter, I was happy to help! Our biggest project was installing a frame on their extra-large master bathroom mirror. My parents researched and found MirrorMate on their own, ordered a sample, measured the mirror & ordered the product all before I got there.

Here’s how it looked after we were done. (Photo courtesy of Mom!)

Parents Master Bath - After 2


While we all agree that we LOVE how the bathroom looks with the mirror, I have to say that getting this mirror installed was a nightmare. There were three of us working together to get this mirror up & I REALLY wish we had a fourth set of hands!  This probably has almost all to do with the massive size of the mirror and the frame, but I wish their installation instructions/tools were a little more geared for an install of this size.

Here’s how the bathroom looked before. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing special either.

Parents Master Bath - Before 1


I didn’t get pictures of this part, but you have to put the frame together yourself. I followed the instructions, which were pretty clear. The one odd part was that it told you to use a marker to color the inside edges of the frame. Obviously this is a good idea, since if the frame were to be slightly off, you would see the same color as the frame and not the color of the composite the frame is made out of.  But I think it would be nice if they included a mini-marker in the box with the correct color, because it was only by luck that my parents had a silver sharpie in the house.

Parents Master Bath - Mirror Mate Corners

Next, we got to deal with these lovely corners. Good idea in theory – you hold the frame up, place the cardboard corners where the corners of the mirror needs to go, then peel the double sided tape off the frame and stick the frame up.  As I said, good in theory. The darn corners would not stick!  As you can see we tried to help the situation with some painters tape, but that didn’t really work either. We ended up using a dry erase marker on the mirror to indicate where we needed the corners to be, when these came tumbling down for the 4th time! These corners really need some re-working!

One more thing that I think would be nice of them to include in the box are those mini-levels that some picture frames come with these days. It would make it much easier to ensure that everything’s level!


Parents Master Bath - Close up - After


It’s a good thing the mirror and the frame looks this good, because it almost makes up for the installation nightmare! Overall, my parents are really happy with the end result, although we all agree the process could have been easier. They’re also really happy that they waited for me to come for a visit before trying to install the frame.

Parents Master Bath - After


Bottom line: We love the final result, but we wouldn’t use them for a frame of this size again.

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