Pretty Organized

Entry Organization - DIY Hooks - All 3I am always misplacing my keys and sunglasses.  So although we’ve tried to create a space in our entry closet for bags, purses, keys etc. apparently opening a door to put down my keys and sunglasses was just too hard. We had some empty wall space above our Ikea shoe bins in the entry and I thought this would be the perfect space to add some decorative storage.

Entry Organization - DIY Hooks

I used some left over pieces of 1×4 pine that we have from the doorway framing. I was lucky and found three pieces of nearly equal length, so I just used that length. They turned out to be about 16″ long and are stained with Minwax Express in Walnut. The top piece has 4 bulldog clips & holds some of our favorite instagrams. In the middle are 4 simple hooks for keys, along with 4 name plates. The bottom piece has two long drawer pulls to hold sunglasses (turns out I have quite the collection when I don’t keep losing them!)

Entry Organization - DIY Hooks Top 2 Entry Organization - DIY Hooks Bottom 2


I didn’t really make a note of how much we spent on these in total, but I’m guessing since we had the wood and stain, that the rest of the cost was about what a nice key rack would’ve been.  Not too bad for filling up a whole wall! Now all we need is a mirror to the left of this little nook & to raise the shoe storage above the baseboards and we’ll be all set!

Entry Organization - DIY Hooks - Detail


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