Rhino Hooks

Rhino Hooks 1

Sticking with the Rhino theme from last week, here are two more that recently joined our household!  I got these from West Elm many moons ago. At first the plan was to attach them to the side of the TV cabinet (back when it was positioned next to our sliding door in the apartment).  Since that idea went out the window when we moved, I wanted to mount the heads on some wooden plaques. I had this specific shield shape in mind, but couldn’t find them at Michaels.  A couple of weeks ago buying those plaques finally moved to the top of my to-do list and I grabbed some at Jo-Anns.

Rhino Hooks - White-washed Wooden Bases

Rhino Hooks - On Base

I decided to whitewash the wood, but I’m still not 100% sold on the idea. I’m not sure where they will ultimately hang at this house, so I may have to repaint the bases when I figure out where they’ll live. For now they’re hanging on the pillar that goes down to the basement, with nothing on them, so they’re not yet super functional as hooks. Good thing they look good!

Rhino Hooks


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