Craigslist Find

Mandy from Vintage Revivals has this feature on her blog / started the hashtag #colddeadfingers for awesome Craigslist, thrift store, and yard sale finds. Every time I scroll through people’s finds I get insanely jealous! But that also inspires me to scroll through Craigslist more regularly. I am specifically looking for some kitchen cabinets I could used to build in a desk in the basement and an MCM cabinet I can use as a TV cabinet when we move the converted dresser down to the basement. While scrolling through Craigslist during my lunch break on Friday I spotted this little beauty.

MCM End Table

It’s a petite night stand or end-table sized MCM cabinet, in great condition! So we emailed back and forth a few times, and once Andy got home we headed over there to check it out. And there was NO WAY I was leaving it behind. #colddeadfingers for sure!

MCM End Table 4

I don’t really know where it’s going to go. I think it would work well in the small upstairs room when we move the home office into the basement and set that up as an extra guest room. It may also end up in the basement itself! It’s small enough to work in a variety of locations.

MCM End Table 3

It doesn’t have a shelf in, but I think it will be easy enough to build a free standing shelf to give some separation in the cabinet, depending on what we end up wanting to store in there. It smells a little musty, so I’ll be wiping it down with a vinegar solution and airing it out a bit.

 MCM End Table 2

One last look. Not bad for $40, huh?  Now if only I could find the furniture pieces I’m actually looking for on Craigslist….

MCM End Table 1

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