Friday’s Favorite Finds

I picked up the 8″x8″ version of this Rhino print last year from Minted. Isn’t it gorgeous?  I thought it would look great along with the rest of the Africa art I’ve previously used in our gallery walls (like in the dining room and bedroom of our old apartment). Of course, the print has been lying around the house, just waiting to be framed for, oh about 9 or 10 months now…

I’m hoping that by showing it off, I’ll find the time (and the print!) and finally frame it & get it, and the many other prints still in boxes or lined up in our hallway, up on the walls!

Modern Abstract Scribble Rhino

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Craigslist Find

Mandy from Vintage Revivals has this feature on her blog / started the hashtag #colddeadfingers for awesome Craigslist, thrift store, and yard sale finds. Every time I scroll through people’s finds I get insanely jealous! But that also inspires me to scroll through Craigslist more regularly. I am specifically looking for some kitchen cabinets I could used to build in a desk in the basement and an MCM cabinet I can use as a TV cabinet when we move the converted dresser down to the basement. While scrolling through Craigslist during my lunch break on Friday I spotted this little beauty.

MCM End Table

It’s a petite night stand or end-table sized MCM cabinet, in great condition! So we emailed back and forth a few times, and once Andy got home we headed over there to check it out. And there was NO WAY I was leaving it behind. #colddeadfingers for sure!

MCM End Table 4

I don’t really know where it’s going to go. I think it would work well in the small upstairs room when we move the home office into the basement and set that up as an extra guest room. It may also end up in the basement itself! It’s small enough to work in a variety of locations.

MCM End Table 3

It doesn’t have a shelf in, but I think it will be easy enough to build a free standing shelf to give some separation in the cabinet, depending on what we end up wanting to store in there. It smells a little musty, so I’ll be wiping it down with a vinegar solution and airing it out a bit.

 MCM End Table 2

One last look. Not bad for $40, huh?  Now if only I could find the furniture pieces I’m actually looking for on Craigslist….

MCM End Table 1

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Dining Room Updates

Since the last time I showed you the dining room, we’ve made a few changes: we got a new, bigger table; two extra chairs; found a table cloth that fits the new bigger table; and switched some art around!Dining Update - New Table

We used to have the small Bjursta, which really only seated 4 even with both leaves pulled out, mainly because of the leg placement. We managed to get 6 people at the table for Easter when my parents and my cousins were in town, but honestly, it wasn’t the most comfortable!

After lots of back and forth, and spending way too much time looking at tables online and in person, we realized that we didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on a table that may only be our “just for now” table.  So we took advantage of Ikea’s family price on the bigger Bjusta (the 4 to 8 seater) and super-sized our table.

Dining Update - New Table

It may not be the prettiest, but it’s functional, and both the price and size I wanted! We never had any trouble with the little Bjursta in about 6 or 7 years and about 4 moves, so we’re hoping not to have any trouble with this one either!

And since we could now seat 6, we needed two more chairs. I like the idea of adding unique chairs at the head of the table, but wasn’t sure if I wanted nice upholstered ones that could easily be pulled into the living room or something more fun. When I found these metal bucket chairs for about half the price I thought I’d have to pay for anything else, I was sold, and immediately loaded them into my cart.

Dining Update - New Chairs and Table

I love how the rounded backs coordinate with the rounded backs on the wood chairs, without looking like we tried to make a set of something that’s clearly not a set. Penny approves too, although they’re not her favorite surface to sit on. (I think they remind her of the stainless table at the v-e-t-‘s office.)

I like protecting the table, and adding a bit of softness on that side of the room with a table cloth. This table has strange dimensions (long and narrow), so I had a bit of trouble finding the right size at first, but I found this linen look one at Home Goods and it’s a good size.  For once I’m actually hoping it shrinks a bit in the wash!

Dining Update - New Table Cloth

Here’s one last look at the table cloth. I’m thinking that once the canvases also move down to the basement (no idea what will go on this wall then!), I’d love to add some more of this golden yellow color to the room to add some warmth.Dining Update - New ChairsWhat room in your house seems to get a disproportionate amount of your attention? I feel like I should much rather be working on the master bath or the basement, (or the kitchen or our bedroom), but instead I keep tweaking the dining room.  Maybe it’s because I can see it from the couch?

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Friday’s Favorite Finds

I know we normally think of nutcrackers as Christmas decor, but just look at these guys!  I must have at least one of them. Maybe both…

Turkey Nutcrackers

I first discovered the adorable nutcrackers at World Market a few Christmasses ago.  You may remember these two favorites from my Christmas decor. I lovingly refer to them as my Christmas Gnomes. (And I may be adding to my collection this year. Shh… Don’t tell Andy, yet!)

Christmas Nutcracker Gnomes - Christmas Dining Room

I also own the Thanksgiving Pilgrim Turkey Nutcracker (that’s a mouthful) that World Market had about two years ago.  He looks very dapper as part of my Fall / Thanksgiving decor, but I think he could do with a friend (or two).

Turkey Nutcracker - Pilgrim

Oh, and don’t worry! We haven’t actually started decorating for Thanksgiving, or even Fall!

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