Basement Color Inspiration

A couple of weeks ago I was browsing around the blogosphere, and happened upon Lucy from Craftberry Bush’s Summer house tour.  I spotted a gorgeous painting in her house and I just had to have it. Luckily, after clicking around a bit, I realized that not only is Lucy the artist, but she sells prints of her art, including this gorgeous seagull print.

So about a week later, this arrived at my doorstep.  Gorgeous no? These colors will be the inspiration for the basement, you know once we have the walls, and molding, and floors sorted out…

New Art - Seagull Print


Of course I couldn’t possibly just leave this gorgeous print in its shipping tube for the next few months, so when we took our visitors to check out Ikea, we also picked up one of their giant frames (the Ribba in high-gloss gray) and another print that had a smaller mat in it.  The mat the frame came with was slightly off-white and much too big for the print. However they had some pre-matted art prints on sale for just $10, so we picked up a print we didn’t care for just to use the mat.

Inexpensive Art Upgrade


Here’s how it turned out. Apologies for the glare – I did the best I could to minimize it.

New Art on the Wall - Seagull Closeup

Rather than lean another piece of art against the wall, I grabbed a nail and hung it in an open spot in the dining room. It looks gorgeous there, and I think in the long run I’ll replace it with another large scale print, when we move the seagull (and probably the fabric covered canvases) down to the basement.

New Art on the Wall - Seagull

How do you pick art? Any new favorites?

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3 thoughts on “Basement Color Inspiration

  1. Just saw Lucy speak at Haven, and they did a drawing to win a couple of her paintings. But I didn’t get one :(. Yours is gorgeous!!

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