Keeping Cool

I know that ceiling fans are pretty much the devil of the design blog world, but let’s face it, moving air > stale air. And if you don’t like running the A/C all day long, fans are a must.  So I’m here to announce that the the picture below is the “after” and not the before!

Master Bedroom - New Fan

In fact, here’s the fan we inherited when we moved in.  Can you say “monstrosity”!  It was WAY too low for the ceiling height, not to mention quite dated.  It also had a giant light on it, which we never used since we have a bright standing lamp and two bedside lamps.  Despite it being hideous, we used the original fan a lot, so we looked for a non-offensive one to replace it with.

Master Bedroom - Old Fan

We found this one at Home Depot. We made sure to search for one that allowed for a close to the ceiling mount, since our ceilings are pretty low.  This weekend, while most of us went shopping, Andy and my cousin removed the monstrosity and installed our new sleek, flush mount, ceiling fan.

Master Bedroom - New Fan from Bed

And the best part is that we got an inexpensive on/off remote kit so we can easily turn the fan off and on, as it’s not wired to the light switch. We chose to go with one that doesn’t allow for speed control, since we pretty much just leave the fan on slow all the time.

Master Bedroom - New Fan Remote

Here it is in all of its spinning glory. I am so excited to no longer have to stare at the giant light and ugly wicker blades.  Maybe someone at Goodwill will be able to give the old monstrosity a new life…

Master Bedroom - New Fan Spinning


How do you feel about ceiling fans? Yay or nay?

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