Guest Room Progress

Guestroom - Ready for guests #thissarahloves


Our guest room has finally reached the stage where I am A) not totally embarrassed to have guests come stay and B) can share at least some of it on the internet.  We actually haven’t done too much in there since moving in the bookshelf & adding the beside lamps, but somehow hanging up the art made all the difference.

Travel Prints - Ready for guests #thissarahloves



Aren’t those prints fun?  They don’t really match the beetle pillow, but I’m running with it for now!

We also make sure that our guests have a (correctly set) alarm clock, some magazines, the wireless password, a map of DC, and a water carafe and water glasses.

Guestroom - Ready for guests - Water and Glasses


There’s still a long list of things to do in here, the first of which is paint, but until we get the basement project wrapped up, this will do.

Guestroom - Ready for guests - Bed #thissarahloves

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7 thoughts on “Guest Room Progress

    • Hi Lyndsay, thanks for stopping by! I’m so happy that you think the neutral walls work! I’m planning on painting this room a very light greige – the current wall color is a dirty white we inherited from the previous owners, and the whole room needs a bit of freshening up. 🙂 Sarah

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