Sneak Peek: Basement Remodel

Last time I reported on our progress in the basement, I shared that between the wallpaper glue and the sheet vinyl glue we were feeling a bit defeated.  After a lot of back and forth, we realized that there was no saving the walls. Since the drywall hadn’t been primed before the paper got put on the walls, we could not get it off without damaging the drywall.  We tried everything and finally realized we had 3 options: (1) keep scraping and pay someone to skim coat the drywall to hide all the damage, (2) pay someone else to deal with it entirely, (3) cover it up somehow.

Planking - Basement Walls - Sneak Peek 1

And (no?) surprise! We went with option 3.  After browsing Pinterest & all my favorite blogs for some inspiration, we decided to plank the walls with super-thin plywood cut into 8″ strips. The kind of plywood we found is pre-primed, about 1/4″ thin and ran us less than $15 per sheet, taking our primary inspiration from House of Smith’s gorgeous dining room.

We’ve been slaving away, nailing planks to the wall a little at a time. We still have a LONG way away from it even resembling our inspiration pictures, but we’ll get there (in a month or two). I’ve primed the first wall, and this weekend we added planks to wall 2 and most of wall 3.

Planking - Basement Walls - Sneak Peek 2

I’m hoping that I’ll find some time in the evenings to prime the next two walls, but of course this week promises to be a busy one at work, so it may have to wait until Friday evening.  Oh and did I mention that we have guests arriving on Sunday morning?  Hope they don’t mind our basement not having a real floor…

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