So Clean and Fresh

What a difference a coat of paint makes!  I’m sure most people already know about paint’s ability to transform a space, but this has to be one of the best examples of how going from off-white to pure white completely changes the look of something. Here’s how our stairs have looked for the last too-many-to-count weeks. (Catch the first few steps of the stair transformation here.) Painting the Trim - Before And here are the stairs after a little more than an hour’s work, with a my short handled angle brush and a gallon of Behr’s VOC free paint in off-the-shelf ultra pure white in semi-gloss. Painting the Trim - Progress   Look at that difference. Here’s a side-by-side so  you can truly appreciate the difference. Painting the Trim - Side by Side   Up next, every other piece of trim I can lay my hands on, just as soon as I give the stairs a second coat. Sarah Signature


Psst, sharing at The Makers!


2 thoughts on “So Clean and Fresh

  1. Wow, the fresh paint makes such a difference! Thanks for sharing at The Makers and I hope you are enjoying your weekend 🙂

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