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Social Media Buttons that is!

Check them out!

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I recently switched blog designs {this one is a free WordPress template called Nova Lite} because I disliked that my previous one didn’t have social media buttons. This template allows for a lot more flexibility and lots of interaction with the existing widgets in WordPress. And more importantly GOLD GLITTERY social media buttons!


I’m not sure what the “right” way is to add buttons to my blog, but I found a really easy way to do it!

1. Create a new blog post draft

2. Import all your cute little buttons to your media files

3. Insert the images into the blog post & arrange them in your preferred order

4. Link each image to the matching location (i.e. link the pinterest button to your pinterest account)

5. Insert a text widget into your header sidebar / regular sidebar

6. Copy and paste the HTML from the draft post into the text widget

7. Ta-Da. Check out your blog to make sure everything’s working!

Adding Blog Buttons the Easy Way #thissarahloves

I found my social media icons by just going on Pinterest and searching for gold social media icons / buttons, and turns out PixelFrau has the whole set for free download in multiple sizes! (These are the 64s)

Do you have social media buttons?

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{Feel free to leave a link to your favorite social media in the comments!}



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