Chalk Paint Powder Room Vanity

I am happy to announce that the main level powder room finally has a painted vanity!

Powder Room - Cabinet Painted

Back when we started the update I decided to test out Annie Sloan Chalk paint with the hopes that it would be a good solution for our strangely plastic-feeling yet rustic kitchen cabinets.  I got the paint in Paris Grey, and also the clear wax, and a wax brush. {Oh and just to be clear – the bath vanity was a test run for the kitchen cabinets.}

Chalk Paint

I read the instructions and dove head first into my first experiment with real chalk paint. I loved the finish and it covered really well – at first. By the next morning, there were lots of weird oily spots bleeding through the paint.  Disaster. So I sanded and primed with my cover stain primer, and then painted another coat of chalk paint.

Much to my dismay, this didn’t do the trick either.  The oily spots came right back.  For a little while I considered just sanding the oily spots and going for a distressed look, but it’s not what I wanted for this powder room.  After ignoring the cabinets for WAY too long, I realized that my last resort would be to make my own DIY chalk paint (since that gave me great coverage when I redid the bedroom night stands).

Cabinet Painting - Chalk Paint

I used Mandie’s Color Comparisons and picked up a sample of Behr’s Sparrow to paint the vanity with. I used my usual Plaster of Paris DIY Chalk Paint recipe.  I sanded all of the ASCP off the cabinet doors, then primed them with Coverstain, TWICE. Two coats of DIY chalk paint later, I had perfect coverage and not a single oily spot peeking through…

So what are my thoughts on ASCP? I think I’ll give the ASCP another chance – although NOT on the other vanities I need to paint, but I think I’ll stick to my DIY chalk paint from now on. You can’t beat the price OR the coverage.

Powder Room - Cabinet Painted with Mirror

After months of delaying, I finally watched Cindy from Simply Reinvented’s great Annie Sloan clear wax tutorial 3 more times, and started waxing my doors.  I followed her instructions exactly – in fact her video was playing on the iPad WHILE I waxed the doors. They have about 24 more hours to dry and harden before I can give a final verdict, but so far so good!  MUCH faster and easier than working with poly!

My thoughts on ASCP Clear Wax?  I’ll definitely try it again!

One last look back at where we started:

Powder Room Before and After

Did you recently complete any long-ignored projects?

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