Scraping the Walls

Our basement has wallpaper.  Ugly wallpaper, on every single square inch of wall. Heck, they even wallpapered the support beam!  (Come on now, really people?)  In one spot, as I started peeling the top layer of wallpaper off, I found a second layer of wallpaper.

Behold the tikibar wallpaper:

Tikibar Basement Wallpaper

Those “missing” spots aren’t actually missing. It’s the back of the top layer of paper still sticking to the bottom layer of paper.

So we’ve been working on getting the walls back to basics.  And it is officially the bane of my existence! Here’s what I managed to do in 1.75 episodes of the West Wing, last night.

Wallpaper Off

Yup, that’s less than a 6 foot section of wall (as you can see by the beach-towel-turned-drop-cloth). It is SLOW going because the darlings who used to live here didn’t prime the drywall.

As you can tell, I’ve got a fun weekend ahead…  What are you planning?   Any wallpaper removal tips?  I’m using a steamer – which helps to get the wallpaper off without as much damage to the walls as just a spray bottle of hot water and a scraper did, but it takes a LOT of steam, so it takes a LOT of time.

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