Planning Some Kitchen Updates

Remember our gorgeous kitchen cabinets?  I feel like the worst blogger in the world for STILL not having painted these, but it is what it is. We have removed the top layer of the shell wallpaper, about one eigth of those hideous faux hinges, and we’ve replaced the light.

Our House - Kitchen - #thissarahloves

I think I’ve settled on painting the cabinets white, but I still need to decide if I want to add molding and if I want to try to fill the weird grooves on the doors. The other thing that obviously needs to change is the cabinet hardware.

Here’s what we’re dealing with.

Kitchen - Drawer Cabinet Hardware Upgrade

I have about 20 simple satin nickle drawer pulls in the basement (from a previous rental) which I wanted to use throughout the kitchen. Unfortunately, the current drawer pulls are just a tad narrower than the ones we already own, and I don’t want to drill two new holes in every drawer.  (As I say this I realize how silly it sounds, since I’ll be drilling two new holes in each of the doors, but what the heck, I don’t like the look of knobs.)

Here’s sort of what the existing handles look like on the doors:

Kitchen - Cabinet Hardware Updates

I’m dreaming of these cup pulls for the drawers, but I’m not 100% sure the two choices go together.  Here’s a really terrible photoshop of the cup pulls.

Kitchen - Drawer Cabinet Hardware Upgrade - Sortof Photoshopped

Here are the two next to each other.  The finish should be the same since they’re both stain nickle from Liberty but in that picture things look a bit different.

Kitchen - Drawer Cabinet Hardware Upgrade Options

And then sometimes I want to go rogue and get black pulls, because they’ll look amazing with the white cabinets.  And then I remember that I already own a bag full of perfectly good satin nickle ones…


7 thoughts on “Planning Some Kitchen Updates

  1. I painted our kitchen cabinets, it was a lot of work but so worth it in the end. I could not imagine the task of doing it though. I understand you taking your time. My husband wanted to do the black door handles for the cabinets but we got a great deal on the satin nickel ones. I love them. A thought also, if you want black is to spray paint the ones you have black. I have purchased gold ceiling lights ad painted them black to match our door handles. They turned out great. Good luck with your kitchen!

  2. My thoughts are… are there knob like pulls with only one screw hole that you could use? I mean I know you want to reuse the pulls you have though.

    If you own, go for more holes. You do own now, right? If you don’t own, buy more (if the cost isn’t prohibitive). Wow, I think I need a coffee. I think you get what I’m trying to say.

    • Hi Sarah! Thanks for your comments. We do own, so I’m definitely not concerned about damage to the doors! I couuld use some knobs but I don’t really like how those look and well I already own a bunch of the pulls…

  3. It took us 10 years to get around to painting cabinets at our old house…and then we immediately moved out. Sigh. I really should have had a blog back then! Excited to see yours when you’re all finished!

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