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I recently switched blog designs {this one is a free WordPress template called Nova Lite} because I disliked that my previous one didn’t have social media buttons. This template allows for a lot more flexibility and lots of interaction with the existing widgets in WordPress. And more importantly GOLD GLITTERY social media buttons!


I’m not sure what the “right” way is to add buttons to my blog, but I found a really easy way to do it!

1. Create a new blog post draft

2. Import all your cute little buttons to your media files

3. Insert the images into the blog post & arrange them in your preferred order

4. Link each image to the matching location (i.e. link the pinterest button to your pinterest account)

5. Insert a text widget into your header sidebar / regular sidebar

6. Copy and paste the HTML from the draft post into the text widget

7. Ta-Da. Check out your blog to make sure everything’s working!

Adding Blog Buttons the Easy Way #thissarahloves

I found my social media icons by just going on Pinterest and searching for gold social media icons / buttons, and turns out PixelFrau has the whole set for free download in multiple sizes! (These are the 64s)

Do you have social media buttons?

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Basement Renovation: The Wet Bar is Gone

Basement Wet Bar - Before

The corner of our basement had this gorgeous wet bar tucked into the back corner.  I immediately knew that it HAD to go! Well 7 short months later, it’s GONE!  And it wasn’t even that difficult.  We had to cut and cap two copper water pipes, cut and cap one PVC drain pipe, and yank one ugly wet bar out.Wet Bar Removal - Shark Bite


Our house inspector told me about Shark Bite caps and it was as easy as he said it would be. However, he hadn’t told me  how to cap off a PVC pipe, so I spent some time googling and found that Undomestic Goddess has attempted their own 80s wetbar removal as well – coincidentally they also loved the shark bite fittings and recommended rubber qwikcap for the PVC pipe.

Wet Bar Removal - Cutting Copper Pipes


We drained the water from the pipes – it turned out to be especially easy because the water had been turned off under the sink already, cut the copper pipe with a small pipe cutter we found at HD, and simply pushed the SharkBite fittings into place. We left the pipes as long as possible as we’re planning on adding a utility sink in the laundry room at some point.

Wet Bar Removal - Capping Copper Water Pipes


Next up we had to deal with the drain pipe.  I actually missed this part, since as soon as my cousin (who we put to work whenever he comes to visit) touched the cap he knew it was too big.  Turns out white PVC pipes are measured on the inside diameter, so if you [entirely hypothetically] were to go through the trouble of measuring the pipe with a fabric measuring tape, use the formula for the circumference of a circle, and calculate the diameter you *think* you need, you’d be totally wrong! Turns out, if I just read the pipe, I would’ve known to buy the 1.5″ cap (not the 2″ cap) right from the start.

A quick trip to Home Depot later, while the guys used a mini hack saw to cut the pipe down, we slipped the cap on, cinched it down and called it a successful wet bar removal!

Wet Bar Removal - Capping a PVC Drain Pipe

I’d show you an after of the basement without the wet bar, but since we’re still fighting the sheet vinyl glue on the floor, have partially removed the wall paper, and yanked all of the trim off the walls, things actually look worse than they do in that before picture …

Are you tackling any big projects that make you rethink your own sanity?

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PS: This is NOT a sponsored post, although we LOVE both products.


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Grow Garden Grow

Happy Memorial Day! We spent some time in the garden on Saturday (the coolest day of our weekend) and I’ve got to show off all we’ve done.

We are officially no longer “those” people on the block! Our front yard has come back to life nicely and with a little elbow grease and the help of my parents and cousins, we’ve making it look a bit more purposeful.
Front Yard - Hostas

This weekend we transplanted some periwinkle (vinca minor) from the back yard where they had taken over a strange little bed next to the back door. We divided them into clumps and tried to fill in the empty spots in the front yard.

Front Yard - Vinca

Vinca’s supposed to be very hardy and I’ve been told that while daffodils and tulips can grow through them, weeds will have a harder time. So anything to lessen weeds, the better! The hope is that they’ll spread and cover most of the mulched areas.

Front Yard with Pride of India

We planted the hostas to line the bed next to the path, but at the rate they’re growing I think next season we’ll have to divide some of them out and plant them along the front path as well!

Front Yard - Filling In

And here’s a close-up of the gorgeous bearded Iris that’s Front Yard - Bearded Iris

Hope you got to spend some quality time with your loved ones this weekend.

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Chalk Paint Powder Room Vanity

I am happy to announce that the main level powder room finally has a painted vanity!

Powder Room - Cabinet Painted

Back when we started the update I decided to test out Annie Sloan Chalk paint with the hopes that it would be a good solution for our strangely plastic-feeling yet rustic kitchen cabinets.  I got the paint in Paris Grey, and also the clear wax, and a wax brush. {Oh and just to be clear – the bath vanity was a test run for the kitchen cabinets.}

Chalk Paint

I read the instructions and dove head first into my first experiment with real chalk paint. I loved the finish and it covered really well – at first. By the next morning, there were lots of weird oily spots bleeding through the paint.  Disaster. So I sanded and primed with my cover stain primer, and then painted another coat of chalk paint.

Much to my dismay, this didn’t do the trick either.  The oily spots came right back.  For a little while I considered just sanding the oily spots and going for a distressed look, but it’s not what I wanted for this powder room.  After ignoring the cabinets for WAY too long, I realized that my last resort would be to make my own DIY chalk paint (since that gave me great coverage when I redid the bedroom night stands).

Cabinet Painting - Chalk Paint

I used Mandie’s Color Comparisons and picked up a sample of Behr’s Sparrow to paint the vanity with. I used my usual Plaster of Paris DIY Chalk Paint recipe.  I sanded all of the ASCP off the cabinet doors, then primed them with Coverstain, TWICE. Two coats of DIY chalk paint later, I had perfect coverage and not a single oily spot peeking through…

So what are my thoughts on ASCP? I think I’ll give the ASCP another chance – although NOT on the other vanities I need to paint, but I think I’ll stick to my DIY chalk paint from now on. You can’t beat the price OR the coverage.

Powder Room - Cabinet Painted with Mirror

After months of delaying, I finally watched Cindy from Simply Reinvented’s great Annie Sloan clear wax tutorial 3 more times, and started waxing my doors.  I followed her instructions exactly – in fact her video was playing on the iPad WHILE I waxed the doors. They have about 24 more hours to dry and harden before I can give a final verdict, but so far so good!  MUCH faster and easier than working with poly!

My thoughts on ASCP Clear Wax?  I’ll definitely try it again!

One last look back at where we started:

Powder Room Before and After

Did you recently complete any long-ignored projects?

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Scraping the Walls

Our basement has wallpaper.  Ugly wallpaper, on every single square inch of wall. Heck, they even wallpapered the support beam!  (Come on now, really people?)  In one spot, as I started peeling the top layer of wallpaper off, I found a second layer of wallpaper.

Behold the tikibar wallpaper:

Tikibar Basement Wallpaper

Those “missing” spots aren’t actually missing. It’s the back of the top layer of paper still sticking to the bottom layer of paper.

So we’ve been working on getting the walls back to basics.  And it is officially the bane of my existence! Here’s what I managed to do in 1.75 episodes of the West Wing, last night.

Wallpaper Off

Yup, that’s less than a 6 foot section of wall (as you can see by the beach-towel-turned-drop-cloth). It is SLOW going because the darlings who used to live here didn’t prime the drywall.

As you can tell, I’ve got a fun weekend ahead…  What are you planning?   Any wallpaper removal tips?  I’m using a steamer – which helps to get the wallpaper off without as much damage to the walls as just a spray bottle of hot water and a scraper did, but it takes a LOT of steam, so it takes a LOT of time.

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Planning Some Kitchen Updates

Remember our gorgeous kitchen cabinets?  I feel like the worst blogger in the world for STILL not having painted these, but it is what it is. We have removed the top layer of the shell wallpaper, about one eigth of those hideous faux hinges, and we’ve replaced the light.

Our House - Kitchen - #thissarahloves

I think I’ve settled on painting the cabinets white, but I still need to decide if I want to add molding and if I want to try to fill the weird grooves on the doors. The other thing that obviously needs to change is the cabinet hardware.

Here’s what we’re dealing with.

Kitchen - Drawer Cabinet Hardware Upgrade

I have about 20 simple satin nickle drawer pulls in the basement (from a previous rental) which I wanted to use throughout the kitchen. Unfortunately, the current drawer pulls are just a tad narrower than the ones we already own, and I don’t want to drill two new holes in every drawer.  (As I say this I realize how silly it sounds, since I’ll be drilling two new holes in each of the doors, but what the heck, I don’t like the look of knobs.)

Here’s sort of what the existing handles look like on the doors:

Kitchen - Cabinet Hardware Updates

I’m dreaming of these cup pulls for the drawers, but I’m not 100% sure the two choices go together.  Here’s a really terrible photoshop of the cup pulls.

Kitchen - Drawer Cabinet Hardware Upgrade - Sortof Photoshopped

Here are the two next to each other.  The finish should be the same since they’re both stain nickle from Liberty but in that picture things look a bit different.

Kitchen - Drawer Cabinet Hardware Upgrade Options

And then sometimes I want to go rogue and get black pulls, because they’ll look amazing with the white cabinets.  And then I remember that I already own a bag full of perfectly good satin nickle ones…