Just a few things

My parents and cousins came to visit over Easter and we had a great time being tourists in DC, working in the garden, showing off all the work we’ve done in the house, and in general, just having a nice visit!

Although most of the cherry blossoms got rained off right before my parents arrived, we found a couple of trees at the Tidal Basin that still had blossoms and we took tons of pictures.  I’ll spare you the vacation picture slide show, but here’ my favorite one.

CherryBlossoms in DC

We also visited the tulip garden again, and I think they were even prettier this year!  Tulips on the Mall


Back home, we ripped out some old shrubs and lots of weeds.  We also transplanted hostas into the garden bed on the side of our walkway.  I can’t believe how much the plants have grown in about a week!

Here they are a few days after we moved them:
Hostas in the Garden I


And here they are yesterday (about a week later!):

Hostas in the Garden II


Oh and instead of DIYing this weekend, we bought a new car.  My 10-year old Civic did not do so well this past winter and it was time for an upgrade!  I can’t wait to go thrift shopping with all the trunk space!



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One thought on “Just a few things

  1. congrats on the new car! DH had a honda civic for a long time, starting when he was in college, and he still misses it 🙂

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