Mason Jar Organization

Mason Jar Organization #thissarahloves

We don’t have a pantry cabinet in this kitchen, but there was an empty wall that was the perfect size for a billy bookcase.  I picked the doors that are solid at the bottom and glass at the top.  Since you could see into half the cabinet, I knew my food storage would need an upgrade.
Mason Jar Organization Close-up #thissarahloves
I got quart sized wide-mouth mason jars for things like rice, brown sugar, and all the dried fruit we put on salads (like raisins, cranberries, and dried blueberries).  The things like flour and sugar are in wide-mouth half gallon mason jars.

I found some round Kraft paper labels from Avery which are the perfect size for the large mason jar lids.  I printed up the labels on my printer and stuck them onto the lids.

Mason Jar Organization Labels #thissarahloves
When I first decanted all the foods into the jars, I was concerned that I would find the jars a pain to work with, but it’s been in these jars since before Christmas and I can honestly say that I love using the mason jars!  And it’s nice that it’s easy to keep everything looking neat and tidy in the cabinet (at least in the upper part…)

Mason Jar Organization in a Billy Bookshelf II #thissarahloves Mason Jar Organization in a Billy Bookshelf #thissarahloves

What do you use Mason jars for?

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