Filling in the Risers

On Friday I updated you on the progress of updating the stairs.  While the progress has been impressive (even if I say so myself) the stairs were still a small poodle safety hazard.

Sea Sage on the Stairs

So after some research and brainstorming we grabbed six 6′ pieces of pine (the more expensive kind without the knots) at Home Depot.  I primed them (on both sides to minimize any warping) and then we cut them down to size.
Stack of Stair Backs

We weighed many different options for attaching the “risers” to the steps but ultimately decided that the easiest way would be to use wide L-brackets.  This allowed us to screw the bracket into the riser and then into the wood stair supports, rather than into the stair treads themselves.  It does mean that we have L-brackets staring back at us from the back of the stairs, but we have big plans for the back of the stair case.  {We’ll get to it just as soon as we finish painting the front rooms, rip the wall paper off the kitchen bulkhead, and do a million other projects. In other words, don’t hold your breath!}

Under the Stairs

I couldn’t believe the difference with just a few risers in place! It’s a good thing the transformation was so impressive because putting up those risers was hard work – especially for 2 people with bad shoulders!
Closing it Up

But we persevered, and got all the risers up! Does it look dreamy?

Closed Stairs

There’s just one little problem…

Stair Problem

Yup, the darling previous owners only tiled up to the weird edge of carpet that folded over the floor/ceiling there.  Nice huh?  So we’re working on fixing that piece up before we attach the final riser.  Until then, Penelope is loving that she can still chuck her toys down to the basement stairs / on top of people walking down the stairs.

And just for kicks, here’s how far we’ve come!

Before and Progress Stairs

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4 thoughts on “Filling in the Risers

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    • Haha! Ag dankie Tannie! Ek het n pretjie in my kop gehad van hoe dit kon lyk nadat Andy en Zet-Em die matte afgeruk het. Ek is baie opgewonde oor hoe goed dit uitgedraai het!

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