Making Progress in the Entry

Look what we did this weekend!Coast Closet - Progress 2
As you may recall, this month we’re tackling the entry way.  And by this “month” I mean it needs to be done before the first of our guests arrive next week.  This weekend we ripped out everything in the coat closet and painted the walls.

Entry - Wall Colors
After much debating, I settled on Behr’s Sandstone Cove.  And I LOVE it.  I am unbelievably relieved to be rid of at least some of the not-quite-white paint we had in the entry.

I followed Corey’s {from TinySidekick} tips on how to pick the perfect Greige.  If you look at this Behr color chart you can see that the darker shades of the color are brown, but with grey and green undertones.  The paint is very light and definitely leans more grey than tan in our space.

Here’s where we started.  Nope those aren’t smudges on your monitor, that’s what the inside of the closet looked like.  The holes down the middle of the closet are from some rickety sideways shelves that we ripped out as soon as we moved in. Oh and do make sure that you notice that nasty carpet.

Coat Closet - Before
And here’s what the dining room looked like while we were working on the entry. Whoops.  It was a bit of a disaster zone!

Coat Closet - In Progress Mess

While waiting for the first coat of paint to dry, we did a dry run on the peel and stick tiles we grabbed for in the closet. Pretty good upgrade for under $10, no?Coat Closet - Tile Dry Run

Here’s where we left off on Sunday night.  The very bottom bin holds all the winter gear. The second one holds all of Penelope’s supplies (including her wardrobe selections). Next up are drop zones for both Andy and I and the top cube (which you can’t actually see in this shot) holds Andy’s work bag.

Coast Closet - Progress
We still need to pick up a closet rod, and trim down the piece of MDF I picked up to create a shelf across the top of the Expedit and closet rod. We’ll also add some key hooks and a hook for Penelope’s leash.  I don’t want to over-fill the closet, so I’ll probably wait to load the coats in before I decide if we can fit anything else in there.

Did you spend any time organizing this weekend?

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2 thoughts on “Making Progress in the Entry

  1. looking good! I think the number one reason I want a coat closet, besides for my vacuum cleaner, is for dave’s work bag. I’m SO TIRED of it being on a dining room chair all the time!

    • Haha. Why is that where work bags go to live?!? It’s been really nice to have a space for all the bags! Even if the coats are currently draped over dining room chairs…

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