Entry Organization

Not a very productive weekend around here. I was much too annoyed at the unexpected snow/sleet on Sunday to bother with any actual DIY projects! Luckily today the snow has melted, the sun is out, and I at least have a sketch to share with you.

April’s project is the entry. There is a long list of things to do in there, but the big project will be fixing up the closet.

Here’s my high-tech rendering of the plan.

Obviously that’s not to scale….
The thing on the left is a 1×5 expedit which we already own. To the right we’ll install a short closet rod, and above that a deep shelf.

We need a space for bags/purses. Penny’s sweaters. Winter gear like scarves and gloves. Penny’s leash and harness also need an easy to reach spot. What am I forgetting? What storage do you like in your entry closet?

Oh and here’s the color I am {now} considering for the entry/stairs/kitchen. It is a nice greige in the south-facing rooms and I think it will work well with the green in the living area and the blue on the stairs. Do you have a favorite greige?



2 thoughts on “Entry Organization

  1. yay–entry storage! I have no dedicated dog sweater storage and, consequently, I can never find any of them. It’s a real problem 😉

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