Canvas Gallery Wall

Canvas Wall Closeup #thissarahloves
I still haven’t decided what to do with the wall that separates the stairs & entry from the dining room.  I’ve thought about a stencil, and about stripes, but last weekend minutes before our guests were due to arrive, I quickly hung our 8 fabric covered canvases on the wall.  Partly to hide the swatch of blue test paint, and partly to help the room feel a bit more finished.

If you’re experiencidng some deja vu and you’ve been around for a while, you’re probably recognizing the canvases from our apartment living room wall.

Fabric Wrapped Canvas Wall Panels - Long Wall Dilemma Solved

At first we had only hung 3 in each row since there’s a bulk head / beam, but after stepping back I realized filling up the wall was the way to go.
Canvas Wall view form the Dining Room #thissarahloves

That’s the view from the dining room.  Gaps are about 5 inches.  We hung everything with the help of our trusty laser level.  Right now all of the canvases are on one nail each, which means they get knocked askew – so once we paint this wall, I’ll probably add an extra nail to keep things a little more stable.

Oh and for those who want some details; each canvas is 16×20 (from Michaels with a coupon).  The fabrics are form Jo-Anns.  I bought 2/3rds of a yard of each which covered two panels with barely any fabric left to spare.

Canvas Wall in the Dining Room #thissarahloves

Oh and here’s the view with from the entry.  (Spoiler alert: the green and blue in the fabrics look really good with the green on the living and dining room walls and the new blue stairs!)

Canvas Wall from the Entry #thissarahloves

Have you made any small changes that had a big impact recently?
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