Tulips and Roses for Spring Cheer

(even if Mother Nature insists on dumping 6″ of snow on us)

Tulip Close-Up #thissarahloves
I absolutely love how a bright bunch of flowers can cheer up a grey day or even make me forget about a crazy week at work!  Last week was a long week at the office so on Friday afternoon I stopped at the store to pick up some flowers.

I came home with a bunch of soft apricot colored African roses and a bunch of bright red tulips.  If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen these two bunches hanging out in the same vase on Friday evening.  I wasn’t loving the look though (although I LOVE both types of flowers) so on Saturday morning I grabbed an inexpensive glass vase for the tulips and separated out the flowers.

Roses #thissarahloves

I love vases that flare open at the top.  It means I can be lazy and don’t have to do too much arranging of flowers.  And when you’re buying flowers because you had a long week, well that’s what I call a win!

Tulips #thissarahloves

I wish these guys could last forever!  Sadly, they’re not loving the weather fluctuations and central heating and have started to droop already.  Time to cut the stems again and change out the weather and see if that gives them another few days of life.

What’s your favorite flower? What about your current favorite floral trend?  Proflowers recently asked me about my favorite floral trend (they did a whole blog post about it) and mine is definitely “single serving bouquets” where all the flowers in the bunch are the same type (although they definitely don’t have to be the same color!)

I also like my flowers to be loose arrangements – nothing too stiff and formal!  I do love arranging flowers more formally too – for special occasions – at some point I’ll have to dig up some pictures and show you guys.  Or maybe I’ll find an excuse to create a new arrangement sometime soon!

What’s your favorite flower / flower arrangement?

Roses in Focus #thissarahloves

Did you buy any flowers for this weekend?  I’m so glad I did, since we’re under about 6″ of snow again this morning.  (Will Winter never end?)

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One thought on “Tulips and Roses for Spring Cheer

  1. I love densely packed heads, with all the same colour tones, but not all the same flower. For a quick gift, the BF gives me lillies – always oriental and white. I LOVE the national flower of Rhodesia, or now Zimbarbwe, the flame lilly or gloriosa. Google it- you’ll be in love!

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