It gets worse (much worse) before it gets better.

What follows is the story of what happens when you casually mention to your cousin that you want to take off one stair’s carpeting to see what kind of wood is underneath.

My cousin and Penelope were immediately ready to rip something apart while my husband gave me “the look” and retreated to the couch with a beer.

Penelope - Carpet Removal - Stairs #thissarahloves

Both Andy and I have gone thump-thump-thump down these stairs.  The worst part is that you don’t stop sliding until you reach that floor mat. Scratch that. The worst part is how your tailbone feels the next day.

The first stair’s carpet removal went quickly, although we abandoned the carpet knife for the pry bar by the second step.  Andy realized his opposition was not going to be acknowledged and jumped in to help too.

Cutting Up the Carpet #thissarahloves

One down Ten to Go #thissarahloves Carpet Removal

A few hours later, we had this. (The blue carpeting you can see below is covering the basement stairs. We’re coming for you next ugly old stained blue carpet!)

Naked Stairs - Carpet Removal Success - #thissarahloves


What? That’s not the “AFTER” you expected?  Me either!  The stairs are in rough shape & I think the carpet guy was paid per staple, because the guys removed thousands!  The wood is also pretty beat up, so unfortunately, staining is not in our future.

View from Above #thissarahloves Carpet Removal


The plan is to close up the stairs from the back to avoid small poodles taking a dive to the basement stairs below. Something like this.  And then sand and fill and sand and fill (and maybe repeat that a few more times) the existing treads and paint them a fun color.

Here’s some inspiration I’ve been pinning.

via Making it Lovely

via Emily Henderson

What did you do this weekend? Any impromptu projects?

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