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Not a very productive weekend around here. I was much too annoyed at the unexpected snow/sleet on Sunday to bother with any actual DIY projects! Luckily today the snow has melted, the sun is out, and I at least have a sketch to share with you.

April’s project is the entry. There is a long list of things to do in there, but the big project will be fixing up the closet.

Here’s my high-tech rendering of the plan.

Obviously that’s not to scale….
The thing on the left is a 1×5 expedit which we already own. To the right we’ll install a short closet rod, and above that a deep shelf.

We need a space for bags/purses. Penny’s sweaters. Winter gear like scarves and gloves. Penny’s leash and harness also need an easy to reach spot. What am I forgetting? What storage do you like in your entry closet?

Oh and here’s the color I am {now} considering for the entry/stairs/kitchen. It is a nice greige in the south-facing rooms and I think it will work well with the green in the living area and the blue on the stairs. Do you have a favorite greige?



These are a few of my favorite things…

Favorite Finds - Spring


Clockwise: 1. Sam & Libby Flats, 2. Lightweight Spring Scarf, 3. Ceylon Tea Tea Towel, 4. Tan Leather Purse.

I got these blush pink leather flats as an impulse buy from Target and ladies, it feels like I’m wearing slippers! I may or may not have ordered a pair of tan and a pair of black ones online…

I did not buy the scarf.  I should show you how many I already own some day, but I LOVE the look of this one, and it’s inspiring me to break out some of my lighter weight scarves now that the weather is warming up.

I grabbed the cute elephant tea towel from World Market.  My plan is to turn it into a cushion cover to match with the elephant rice bag one we already have.

Lastly is my new purse.  The leather is super smooth and I love everything about it.  I’ve been looking for a replacement ever since the zipper started acting up on my 5+ year old grey leather purse, and I’m so glad I waited and shopped around until I found just what I wanted!

Have you made any recent purchases?  I think the next step around here is to clean out the closets and figure out what I need to add to my clothing shopping lists for Spring/Summer!

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Canvas Gallery Wall

Canvas Wall Closeup #thissarahloves
I still haven’t decided what to do with the wall that separates the stairs & entry from the dining room.  I’ve thought about a stencil, and about stripes, but last weekend minutes before our guests were due to arrive, I quickly hung our 8 fabric covered canvases on the wall.  Partly to hide the swatch of blue test paint, and partly to help the room feel a bit more finished.

If you’re experiencidng some deja vu and you’ve been around for a while, you’re probably recognizing the canvases from our apartment living room wall.

Fabric Wrapped Canvas Wall Panels - Long Wall Dilemma Solved

At first we had only hung 3 in each row since there’s a bulk head / beam, but after stepping back I realized filling up the wall was the way to go.
Canvas Wall view form the Dining Room #thissarahloves

That’s the view from the dining room.  Gaps are about 5 inches.  We hung everything with the help of our trusty laser level.  Right now all of the canvases are on one nail each, which means they get knocked askew – so once we paint this wall, I’ll probably add an extra nail to keep things a little more stable.

Oh and for those who want some details; each canvas is 16×20 (from Michaels with a coupon).  The fabrics are form Jo-Anns.  I bought 2/3rds of a yard of each which covered two panels with barely any fabric left to spare.

Canvas Wall in the Dining Room #thissarahloves

Oh and here’s the view with from the entry.  (Spoiler alert: the green and blue in the fabrics look really good with the green on the living and dining room walls and the new blue stairs!)

Canvas Wall from the Entry #thissarahloves

Have you made any small changes that had a big impact recently?
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Tulips and Roses for Spring Cheer

(even if Mother Nature insists on dumping 6″ of snow on us)

Tulip Close-Up #thissarahloves
I absolutely love how a bright bunch of flowers can cheer up a grey day or even make me forget about a crazy week at work!  Last week was a long week at the office so on Friday afternoon I stopped at the store to pick up some flowers.

I came home with a bunch of soft apricot colored African roses and a bunch of bright red tulips.  If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen these two bunches hanging out in the same vase on Friday evening.  I wasn’t loving the look though (although I LOVE both types of flowers) so on Saturday morning I grabbed an inexpensive glass vase for the tulips and separated out the flowers.

Roses #thissarahloves

I love vases that flare open at the top.  It means I can be lazy and don’t have to do too much arranging of flowers.  And when you’re buying flowers because you had a long week, well that’s what I call a win!

Tulips #thissarahloves

I wish these guys could last forever!  Sadly, they’re not loving the weather fluctuations and central heating and have started to droop already.  Time to cut the stems again and change out the weather and see if that gives them another few days of life.

What’s your favorite flower? What about your current favorite floral trend?  Proflowers recently asked me about my favorite floral trend (they did a whole blog post about it) and mine is definitely “single serving bouquets” where all the flowers in the bunch are the same type (although they definitely don’t have to be the same color!)

I also like my flowers to be loose arrangements – nothing too stiff and formal!  I do love arranging flowers more formally too – for special occasions – at some point I’ll have to dig up some pictures and show you guys.  Or maybe I’ll find an excuse to create a new arrangement sometime soon!

What’s your favorite flower / flower arrangement?

Roses in Focus #thissarahloves

Did you buy any flowers for this weekend?  I’m so glad I did, since we’re under about 6″ of snow again this morning.  (Will Winter never end?)

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It gets worse (much worse) before it gets better.

What follows is the story of what happens when you casually mention to your cousin that you want to take off one stair’s carpeting to see what kind of wood is underneath.

My cousin and Penelope were immediately ready to rip something apart while my husband gave me “the look” and retreated to the couch with a beer.

Penelope - Carpet Removal - Stairs #thissarahloves

Both Andy and I have gone thump-thump-thump down these stairs.  The worst part is that you don’t stop sliding until you reach that floor mat. Scratch that. The worst part is how your tailbone feels the next day.

The first stair’s carpet removal went quickly, although we abandoned the carpet knife for the pry bar by the second step.  Andy realized his opposition was not going to be acknowledged and jumped in to help too.

Cutting Up the Carpet #thissarahloves

One down Ten to Go #thissarahloves Carpet Removal

A few hours later, we had this. (The blue carpeting you can see below is covering the basement stairs. We’re coming for you next ugly old stained blue carpet!)

Naked Stairs - Carpet Removal Success - #thissarahloves


What? That’s not the “AFTER” you expected?  Me either!  The stairs are in rough shape & I think the carpet guy was paid per staple, because the guys removed thousands!  The wood is also pretty beat up, so unfortunately, staining is not in our future.

View from Above #thissarahloves Carpet Removal


The plan is to close up the stairs from the back to avoid small poodles taking a dive to the basement stairs below. Something like this.  And then sand and fill and sand and fill (and maybe repeat that a few more times) the existing treads and paint them a fun color.

Here’s some inspiration I’ve been pinning.

via Making it Lovely

via Emily Henderson

What did you do this weekend? Any impromptu projects?

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