Is it bigger than a bread box?

Nope, because it IS a breadbox.  I wonder if those twenty question toys could figure this one out?

Breadbox with a Turtle

This is certainly not ground breaking (or DIY) but I thought I’d share ths new(ish) addition to our kitchen.  I actually think we got it in December on a trial run to see if Andy’s bread lasts longer in the bread box.  I’m not sure if it does (as I don’t eat the bread) but if nothing else I don’t see the moldy bread lying on the counter anymore!  I can say that my tortillas stay fresh longer! (It’s the Threshold Acacia Wood Breadbox if you’re interested.)

I was very hesitant to add something else to our already cluttered counter tops, but I actually think this has helped to tidy up some of the clutter.  We also have not slipped into the habit of stacking things on top of the box, other than the occasional recipe book, which I don’t mind.  I think having the cute little turtle (his shells are measuring cups!) on there reminds us that it’s not a shelf.
Open Breadbox with a Turtle
Do you have a bread box? Or do you just keep bread in the freezer?

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One thought on “Is it bigger than a bread box?

  1. I think you kind of buried the lede with that turtle that’s also measuring cups–want! the breadbox is pretty nice, too, though….I have the vintage breadbox that was in my grandmother’s kitchen for forever….it is an awful counter space hog, but I think it’s worth it 🙂

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