Meet Roger

The Nest - Tech Upgrade - #thissarahloves

This newest addition to our home might say more about our laziness than about our tech savviness, but we love it either way. We were quickly growing annoyed at one of us inevitably having to go back downstairs at night to turn down the (non-programmable) thermostat we inherited with the house.  Add to that the fact that the button that adjusted the temperature only worked when being toggled back and forth and we just knew that we needed to upgrade the thermostat.

Andy named our new addition Roger (hence the title of this post).  At first I resisted, but Roger is good at following directions, so it works for me.

The whole process was relatively easy, although we did end up turning off the power to the entire house just to be sure.

Here’s what the guts of the old thermostat looked like.  As per Nest’s instructions, we snapped a picture so we wouldn’t forget where the wires went.

Old Thermostat - Before

Then we removed the whole thing to find that (no surprise) they had painted around the thermostat more than once AND had used a wall anchor to put the thing up.  You know, cause thermostats are so heavy…Old Thermostat Wires and Wall Condition - Before

Luckily nest came with a cover-plate to hide these kinds of sins, so we followed the instructions and snapped it on the back of the nest itself.

The Nest - Tech Upgrade Step 1 - #thissarahloves

We did find that the little level built into the nest was not accurate at all, so we broke out our trusty laser level to ensure that everything would be square.  Next we inserted the wires into the coordinating spots on the Nest and snapped the top part on.

The Nest - Tech Upgrade - It Works - #thissarahloves

Voila!  Fancy new thermostat.  We immediately connected it to our WiFi and downloaded the apps to our phones.  Ahh high-tech heaven.

The Nest - Tech Upgrade - Penelope - #thissarahloves

Penelope showed no interest in this fancy new gadget, but did want to be held during the installation process. Such a DIY dog.

Make any tech upgrades recently?

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2 thoughts on “Meet Roger

  1. We had to buy new HVAC units when we moved in and they came with relatively fancy but not THAT fancy thermostats….otherwise I think I’d have given into the Nest blogger peer pressure long ago. LOL about the anchor screws holding up the old thermostat. Best to be prepared for anything, I guess 😉

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