Lily’s Little Birdy Rag Quilt

My niece Lily has finally received her rag quilt (only about 4 months late).  Luckily for me, 4 month old babies don’t have very good memories, so hopefully she won’t hold it against me!
Little Birdy Rag Quilt

I chose to add yellow so match Lily’s gorgeous yellow and gray room.  I stole the birdy fabric from my mother’s stash this Summer when we were in California, although I did see some more at JoAnns a couple of weeks ago.

Here’s why it’s called a “rag quilt”.  You sew the seams to one side and then snip them to help the edges fray. These blankets definitely go through an ugly phase as you’re sewing it all together, but in the end it’s all worth it.Little Birdy Rag Quilt - Close-up

And here’s the “wrong” side of the quilt.Little Birdy Rag Quilt - Back

Here are some other rag quilts I’ve made in the past:
Baby Boy Blue - Rag Quilt 3Pink Foxes Rag Quilt - Close-up

Now I’m itching to make another one (or two) as we have some friends who are expecting twin girls!  What’s your go-to baby gift?  There are definitely time-consuming to make, but I love how they come out and I think it’s extra special to give a home-made gift.
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