Just a few things as we’re preparing for snowmaggedon

1. I spent the afternoon crafting with some friends – we tried our hand at glass etching. I didn’t take progress pics because I wanted to be in the moment but i just ordered some etching cream so I can do a proper tutorial because it turned out SO cute!20140211-213754.jpg
2. I already told you about my love of the waterlogue app but I have to confess that I am also loving the This American Life app! It’s not free but it lets you stream all TAL episodes ever, which comes in very handy at work when I have a repetitive task to complete.20140211-214325.jpg
3. I am happy to report that not everything you see on Pinterest is fake! I am embarrassed to admit how dirty our guest bath tub was! I scrubbed it with some method bath cleaner which, unfortunately didn’t do much. The before is actually after this first scrubbing! Out of desperation I grabbed a partially used eraser sponge. After less than 5 mins of scrubbing there was a huge difference! Just look at it! I think it could do with a good second scrubbing, but unfortunately I used up the whole sponge and of course it was our last one…

Oh and to get back to snowmaggedon – apparently we should prepare for anywhere fro 4″ to 18″ of snow…. Oh weather people…
Are you preparing for the storm? Obsessively streaming TAL episodes? Eating starbursts?


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